Winter is all so freezy, does that mean you should hibernate? No right? Definitely!! Instead of hiding under that cozy, comfy quilt of yours, what else can you do? Done with all the festive, new year got old, even if your Netflix is out of session, you might think what else.

Knock knock frizzy, there are tons and tons of things that you can achieve this winter. Don’t make your bed and quilt the winter love, but you should hanker the cherry toppings of winter. So dear fairy, spread your wings and fly with the hobby that you can be the maestro of. 

Hobbies To Spice Up Your Winter

Here are some of the hobbies that you can think of this winter:

1. Say Hello To A New Instrument

New Instrument
New Instrument

You might have at least one instrument in your mind that you want to play someday. Then, how about you learn to play that instrument? Get some warm blood and join the instrumental classes. This is one of the relieving hobbies that you can think of. 

Playing in winter is so damn cool. Can you not imagine that? Do not be a mundane baby, winter is awesome. No sweaty body, you can easily hold your instruments. And learning to play the instrument (that you have always admired) when you know nothing about notes is no less than the idiom ‘putting Thames on fire’.  

2. Learn A Foreign Language

When thinking about a hobby, you can go for something that will add to your profile. Learning a foreign language will be an asset, a strength of yours. While looking for any college/ university or even for any job interview, a foreign language gives you a lot of weight compared to the one without any such skills. 

You can go for:

Mandarin or Chinese: learning the toughest language will show how daring you are and this is a breathtaking skill that you can embed into yourself.

Spanish: sounds sexy

German: a skill that is required to have if you want to study in Germany for free

Korean: if you are a k-drama fan you will go for this, I know.

3. Teach Yourself A Coding Language

A Coding Language
A Coding Language

Coding is a powerful subject that can offer you a lot of benefits. You will feel your Mac is getting easier for you. There are various levels of coding languages. Starting with the basics would make sense, or else you will get a bit perplexed and things will get hard on you. 

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4. Start A Club

Start A Club
Start A Club

It can be any sort of a club. A cookbook club, fitness club, dance club, or playing club. Ultimately, everything will be a fun club. If you are an extrovert then you are going to love this, and if you are taciturn, then this will be your chance to improve and open up because in a world like the contemporary being outspoken is a good and a must quality.

5. Learn to Crochet Or Amigurumi 

Learn to Crochet Or Amigurumi
Learn to Crochet Or Amigurumi 

This is a winter thing. Why should you go to malls and buy those fancy woolen hoodies and winter wears when you can make them yourself!!! This can be your perfect evening work. Sit beside the heater, some warm tea, (prefer green matcha tea) or soup, some light music or any television show, and two needles wrapped with wools. This is going to be perfect.

To this eve, learn to play with wool and shape then into a beautiful winter garment that you have always dreamt of. All you need is some patience and desire. Once you conquer this, you can be your fashion designer.

6. Learn to Cook

We all love to eat, but why don’t give it a try to make that delicious food. If you have got time to stay warm on the bed then you will have enough time to spare in your kitchen, you will stay warm there too. To cook you will have to be near the stove for the whole time, this way you will not even feel the winter.

Stand up lazy fat you. Time to chase some productivity. If winter has bestowed you with spare time and a no-sweat body, then you have ample opportunity lying in front of you. All you need to do is pick a ‘for your hobby this winter’ and wave goodbyes at the winter blues.

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