Fashion incorporates a plethora of aspects, clothing being one of them. Newer trends are found in demand, every day. The only thing that’s constant when it comes to fashion is, change. 

Despite all the infinite changes, certain fashion staples don’t lose their position. A spaghetti top is one such staple. You simply cannot complete your wardrobe without owning a good quality spaghetti top. 

A camisole is also a kind of spaghetti top, considered a wardrobe essential. Want to know more about the differences? Read along! 

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What is a spaghetti top?

A spaghetti top falls under the category of women’s apparel but it can be worn by everybody. All clothes are unisex only if you’re able to carry them off well. It derives its name from spaghetti noodles. 

A spaghetti top is so-called because it has thin sleeves or straps, called spaghetti or noodle straps. These straps are as thin as spaghetti noodles and expose the shoulders and collarbones when worn. 

Spaghetti straps have been fashionable for years now and the trend is currently very in. Spaghetti straps are found in dresses, tops, jumpsuits, camisoles, etc. Spaghetti tops can be styled in numerous different ways to fit every occasion. 

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Spaghetti Top

What is a camisole top? 

All camisoles are spaghetti tops but all spaghetti tops are not camisoles. 

A camisole is a top, with straps, as thin as a spaghetti top. Camis or Camisoles are available in various colors, fabrics, and designs. They are usually body-hugging or loose-fitted. 

A common design of camisole tops is the presence of lace to define the neckline. The fabrics include cotton, silk, satin, nylon, polyester, etc. The straps of camisoles can mostly be adjusted according to your requirement. 

Originally, camisoles were worn as undergarments and lingerie, underneath other clothes but with time, they began to be worn by themselves as well, especially in summers. 

It is still worn under see-through tops and blouses, shirts, shrugs, jackets, etc, but wearing it just like that isn’t rare either. A muted toned or a bright-colored cami, paired with denim shirts and accessories with gold hoops and chains is a classic outfit. 

Camisole Vs Spaghetti Top 

Considering only camisoles as spaghetti tops would mean limiting the range of spaghetti. A spaghetti top can be worn in casual, as well as formal events, whereas, a camisole is not associated with formal fashion, except underneath shirts, blazers, dresses, etc. 

On the contrary, a spaghetti top can either be structured or easy-breezy with varied, stark differences. Spaghetti is a fancier and more versatile version of a camisole, with variations in dresses, crop tops, swimsuits, bodysuits, etc. 

For example, spaghetti tops are perfect for beach vacations whereas, camisoles are not, owing to their limited variety. 

Wondering how to style a spaghetti top? We’ve got you covered! 

Back to the Classics: Over a White T-shirt or Shirt – 

A spaghetti top, paired with a plain white or solid-colored tee is a fashion hack, inspired by 90s fashion. This is not only a great option for wearing spaghetti tops in winter as well but has a charm of its own. 

You can even pair the top with shirts, cardigans, or even printed, graphic t-shirts to experiment with the look. Play around with different patterns and styles and choose the one that matches your taste. 

Lastly, don’t forget to stack your neck with chunky gold chains and wear your oversized shades before stepping out and channeling your inner boss babe. 

what is a spaghetti top

Pee-ka-boo: Under a Shirt – 

Wearing tube tops, crop tops, tank tops, spaghetti tops, camisoles, etc, underneath a long or a flannel shirt gives a cool and edgy vibe to the otherwise simple shirts. 

Wear a monochromatic camisole or spaghetti top underneath a printed shirt or a patterned spaghetti top inside a single color shirt to look street smart and trendy. 

The shirt can be styled in multiple ways. You can button it down, button it half-way up, tie a knot, rest it on the shoulders or even tuck it on one side. There are too many alternatives to choose from. In winter, you can replace the shirts with jackets and blazers. 

Dress up the outfit by adding earrings and bracelets or keep it low-key, depending on the occasion. 

Scarf it like the French! – 

Let the French fashionista inside you come out and rule by wearing a bright, attractive scarf, along with your favorite silk spaghetti top. Tie the scarf around your neck and tilt it like the french. 

Remember Emily from Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris‘? Yes, exactly that way. You’ve got it. 

Boho Queen: With a Maxi Skirt – 

Skirts go well with cropped spaghetti tops. Get beach-ready by wearing a flowy chiffon, organza, or polyester maxi skirt with a spaghetti top. Try out colorful, floral prints. 

Tie up your hair in a messy bun, add some silver, oxidized jewelry and you’re ready to dance around and play with the waves at your favorite beach destination.

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Denim shorts

Much like spaghetti tops, denim shorts are wardrobe staples. There’s nothing like two basics complementing each other. 

Choose your favorite denim shorts or even cotton or leather shorts to elevate the charm of your spaghetti top. Big hoops and bright-colored scrunchies would complete the perfect summer look. 

As Co-ord Sets – 

If you buy a spaghetti top with a matching skirt or a trouser, that is, a co-ord set, you’ll be ready to stand out from the crowd at any event. 

Co-ord sets are extremely fashionable outfits that have been the topic of discussion among fashion fanatics for a while now. If you have still not got hold of a co-ord set, it’s not too late yet. Order one in your favorite color, right away! 

Now that we’ve cleared all your doubts regarding the difference between a spaghetti top and a camisole, which one do you plan on buying? How about both? Rock the upcoming summers, wearing spaghetti tops. 

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