Sona Mohapatra Calls Out Sachin Tendulkar For Supporting #MeToo Accused Anu Malik

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Anu Malik
Khadija Rahman
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The MeToo Movement made its way to India in 2018. Among many Bollywood celebrities who came out with their stories was the famous music composer and singer Sona Mohapatra. She accused big musician Anu Malik of sexual misconduct and called out people for supporting him. 

Anu Malik back as a judge on Indian Idol

After the allegations surfaced last year, Anu Malik was asked to step down as one of the judges of Indian Idol. However, he is back this year and Sona is not happy about it. Responding to a concerned fan’s tweet, Sona said “Sonu Nigam championed the cause of Anu Malik publicly & his right to be earning millions on national TV while saying he’s his mother’s son etc to justify his understanding of @IndiaMeToo. Had called Ram Sampath to ‘keep me in check’ while calling me a ‘terrorist’. Must be happy now (sic),” 

Many fans also seemed upset with Anu Malik being back as a judge when so many people had come forward accusing him of harassment. In October of last year, a fellow singer Shweta Pandit came out calling Anu Malik a ‘pedophile’ and a ‘sexual predator.’ She said that he harassed her when she was underage and new in the music industry. Fellow ex-judge Alisha Chinoy came out with similar allegations.

Anu Malik

Sona Mohapatra calls out Sachin Tendulkar and Vishal Dadlani

Recently, Sachin Tendulkar tweeted how touched he was by the participants on Indian and how he wished to see them succeed in life. This upset Sona and she replied “Dear Sachin, Are you aware of all the @IndiaMeToo stories of multiple women, some minors who came forward in the public domain about Anu Malik, the judge in this same Indian Idol show last year including their own ex producer? Does their trauma not matter or touch anyone?“

Mohapatra also went on to quote another tweet by SonyTV on twitter and said “Congratulations, India. @SonyTV continues to be show y’all the middle finger this #diwali . @VishalDadlani , sure it’s the festival of light & learning for you this year sitting next to Anu Malik, a famous sexual predator, ‘judging’ the youth of India. @iAmNehaKakkar , sad”

Backlash for her accusations

With all the support that Sona received, there were also haters who claimed she was accusing the musicians for a bit of clout. What people don’t see is that she had to pay the price for speaking up. In another tweet, she revealed how she was asked to leave the show after she went public with her accusations. 

She also said how a co-judge told her that she had provided publicity to the rival’s show and it had increased their TRP. Having faced all the backlash, Mohapatra is upset that people are still supporting Anu Malik and acting as nothing happened. 

In all the MeToo stories that came out last year, barely any accused Indian man’s career was affected whereas women had to bear the brunt and even lose their jobs as can be seen in Sona Mohapatra’s case. 

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