It is time you manage the risks associated with your sedentary lifestyle. No doubt sitting all day can cause our body to undergo undesirable changes. Sitting for an extended period can increase the risk of developing severe health conditions, including heart problems. A new study has claimed that performing different physical activities, including Sit to Stand exercise physical therapy, can be a good remedy for compensating for long hours of constant sitting. 

Sometimes, we can’t help but stick our butts to the chair constantly for prolonged hours a day. The reasons could be anything. We are probably confined to a job that requires us to spend most of our day working on the laptop, or it is an exam we are preparing for that is not letting us take a minute’s break.

Whatever the reason might be, if you feel walking a few steps in your house can help you recover from your sedentary lifestyle patterns, let us warn you- it is entirely useless.  

Therefore, if you want your butt to stop feeling numb after sitting continuously for countless hours, we can help you. Please continue reading to learn more about it. 

Physical Symptoms of Sitting Too Much

If you did not know already, let us tell you that sitting is the new smoking. Physical symptoms of sitting too much include multiple life-threatening diseases, including obesity. Research also claims that prolonged sitting can also increase the risk of cardiovascular problems like increased blood pressure, abnormal rise in cholesterol level, etc. 

Symptoms of Sitting Too Much
Symptoms of Sitting Too Much

Guidelines from different health institutions suggest that every adult should engage in physical activity for at least 150 minutes every week. Besides, one should refrain from sitting and focus more on moving around as much as possible since doing something is better than doing nothing. 

There is nothing wrong with relaxing but do not confuse relaxing with being lazy. If you want to offset your day of continuous sitting and prevent your hamstrings from tightening, practice these exercises at least two-three times a week.

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Sit to Stand Exercise Physical Therapy

Adults between 18-64 years can perform this test. Also known as the chair stand test, this is mainly performed to strengthen the overall endurance in adults. 

To perform this test, a folding chair with no arms is put to use. 

  • It’s better to use some support to keep the chair from moving or getting imbalanced. 
  • Now, the participants have to sit in the middle of the chair with their backs upright. 
  • The feet should be placed at an angle a little away from the knees and should be shoulder-width apart. 
  • The arms should be crossed and kept against the chest.
  • The participant should perform a minimum of two sets for better results. The goal is to perform as many stands as possible in 30 seconds by holding the position. 

Curl Up Physical Fitness Tests

Sometimes sitting for a long time can have a devastating impact on your posture, making you look unpresentable and adding to your health issues. With curl-up physical fitness tests, you can correct your posture and fix the alignment near your pelvic. 

  • Under this test, the participant will have to perform as many curl-ups as possible within a given time frame. 
  • You will have to lie on your back with your knees bent and legs slightly apart to perform this test. 
  • Your arms and your palms should be in a resting position. 
  • The best part about this test is it can be easily performed without the requirement of any equipment. 
  • However, before undergoing this test, one should review their medical status to make sure they are fit for the test.

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Sit and Reach Physical Fitness Test

If you want to work on your flexibility, then the Sit and Reach physical fitness test is what you need to undertake. 

For performing this test:

  1. Stretch your legs out as you sit.
  2. Lock your knees and press them flat on the floor. Your hands should be on top of each other.
  3. Once you are ready, bend forward as much as you can. While performing this test, your hands should be at an equal level.

The longer you can hold your position, the more effective it will be. 

Physical Fitness Zipper Test

The physical fitness zipper test helps you to determine the mobility of your upper arms along with the joints in your shoulder. 

  • This test will require you to simply reach one hand down your spine and the other hand behind your back towards the hand on top. 
  • The distance between your hands will help you to analyze your flexibility.

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The covid-19 pandemic has forced people into a sedentary lifestyle, which is one of the main reasons so many people are obese or dealing with critical health issues today. Sitting for too long will compromise your body’s ability to function properly and reflect on your overall appearance, making you look unpresentable and dull. 

Engaging in a few of the above physical fitness tests will help you undo the damage, making your body firmer and more agile.

Try performing your physical activities when you are off the clock. If you cannot make time every day, dedicate at least 2-3 days a week. You can substitute your 30 minutes of sitting by performing these activities regularly. This becomes particularly important when you have a job that requires you to spend most of your time sitting and working. 

Workouts for as long as 5 minutes can also make a difference and add to your health benefits. Additionally, these tasks will also prepare you for the day-to-day activities that you are bound to perform. Unlike other rigorous exercises, these physical fitness tests, including Sit to Stand exercise physical therapy, can be performed by older people to ensure their continuity of a healthy lifestyle.

So, prepare yourself to say goodbye to your long hours of sitting and replace them with these physical exercises immediately.

Are you ready?