Getting to see your sister marry the guy of her dreams is a moment of joy and happiness for you and your parents. Though the thought of not being able to see your sister every day after her marriage is not an easy change for you or your parents. But with time, we all have to accept and adjust to the changes, don’t we?

There are so many movies depicting the brother-in-law in so many ways ranging from the possessive one to the supercool ones with whom you can share any feelings. 

Signs You Have The Best Brother-In-Law

So, while your sister found and married the best husband she could ever find, today you will get to know whether you have the best brother-in-law or not.

1. When your parents misunderstand you, he sorts things out with your parents

Sometimes you argue with your parents, and in the worst-case scenario, they refuse to understand your point. Such situations can be annoying and frustrating. This is where the role of your brother-in-law can come in handy. If you see him making your parents understand what you meant and finally turning their no to a yes, then you are one lucky person because your brother-in-law will save your ass whenever possible. 

2. He’s like the big brother you always wanted

If you feel that you get special treatment from him whenever you all meet. Your brother-in-law treats you like the sister he never had. Then, you, my friend, have got an ideal brother-in-law that everyone wants.

3. He cracks jokes and teases you 

He loves pulling your leg every chance that he gets, annoying you sometimes. At the same time, he keeps in mind to cheer you up if he notices he went too far.

4. Your brother-in-law is your go-to person in times of crisis

When you are in sort of trouble, or you need some guidance, you always seek your brother-in-law for help. Also, you can share with him any secrets that you are not comfortable sharing with your parents. No matter how bad your decisions are, he tries to make you understand politely and guides you properly. Moreover, you never have to worry about your parents knowing any of the secrets that he knows because he will never rat you out.

5. He lets you party as you like

Best Brother-In-Law
Best Brother-In-Law

As an upcoming generation, we love to party and hang out with our friends, right? But sadly, most of our parents don’t admire and get the whole concept of going out to party. But, luckily when you visit your sister’s place, you don’t have to follow any such rules. Because, firstly, you have a cool sister and secondly you have a cooler brother-in-law. However, he does ask you to return home at a decent time which is acceptable.

6. He actively participates in pranks

If you love playing pranks on your sister, or other family members, he also includes himself and helps you with the planning. He loves it when you try to annoy your sister playfully and he enjoys it a lot.

7. He can switch on his overprotective big brother mode if required

Best Brother-In-Law
Best Brother-In-Law

Like I mentioned earlier, the ideal brother-in-law is like the brother you always wanted or never had. So, according to situations, he can become protective of you and your sister of course. He will make sure that you and your sister are safe when you are all out to have fun. 

8. He tries to cheer you up when you feel low

We girls may feel low with any ongoing issues in our lives and we sometimes try to hide it with a smile. If you ever have been in a similar situation and somehow your brother-in-law finds out, he will try his best to cheer you up. After all, you are his baby sister, so he will ask you what is bothering you and give you inspirational tips and advice.

9. He loves your parents just like his own

Your brother-in-law cares and acts around your parents just like his own. He always makes them feel secure and warm, asking them about their well-being from time to time. He also takes them out for a treat along with his parents, maintaining peace on both sides.

So, can you relate to any of these above points?

When you get to have a brother-in-law like this, there is nothing more like it. However, some guys take their time to blend in with the family while some comfortably adjust with the in-laws like they were always a member of the family. Everyone is different. So, if you recently got a brother-in-law, try to make him feel at home and who knows in time, before you realize you find out him to be the best brother-in-law in the world. 

Have fun♥