Signs That Suggest You Are Addicted to Caffeine

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Most of our mornings are incomplete without a hot cup of tea or coffee. If you cannot go through the day without a hot cuppa, then chances are that you are addicted to caffeine. Did you know that about 75-80% of the world’s population consumes caffeine? Many of those who are indeed addicted tend to deny it. While caffeine addiction is not particularly dangerous, it is not healthy either. 

It is difficult to pinpoint precisely how many people may be addicted. Still, an estimate suggests that about a quarter of the users are dependent on caffeine. It is never good to be dependent on any substance to get you through the day. But, with how normalized caffeine consumption is, it is quite easy to get addicted. Let us divulge some signs of a person that is addicted to caffeine. 

Signs of caffeine addiction

  1. You Are Grumpy Before Your First Cup

One of the tell-tale signs of caffeine dependency is that you are grumpy without it. Caffeine is a stimulant, which stimulates our pleasure centers. Although the extent is not the same, it stimulates the dopamine receptors like cocaine and other drugs do. According to Dana Hunnes, Ph.D., M.P.H, R.D., and senior dietician at the UCLA Medical Center, “It also stimulates the adrenaline release.”

2. You Need More Caffeine To Get The Same Effects

For people who drink tea or coffee every day, they will need more to get the same impact that a lesser amount does for someone else. For example, if one cup of coffee is enough to wake up an average person, you may need two. If a cup before bedtime does not keep you awake, you have become immune to its effects. 

3. Lack Of Caffeine Makes You Nauseous 

There are days where we are in such a hurry that there is not enough time for even a cup of coffee. If on such days, you find yourself feeling a little nauseous, best believe that you are addicted. The strange feeling of puking is proof that you are dependent on caffeine. Similar symptoms can be observed if you have too much caffeine. It is best to be somewhere in the middle.  

4. Lack Of Caffeine Gives You Pounding Headaches 

Headaches are frequent and common.  They can occur due to many reasons like stress, high blood pressure, etc. Similarly, headaches due to caffeine can also come knocking. The primary cause of pounding headaches is usually due to the lack of caffeine. People who are trying to kick the habit often experience it. Sometimes, there is no option but to take some over-the-counter medicine. If you have ever experienced such a headache, it is time to cut off caffeine gradually from your life. 

5. You Are Always A Little Anxious

Heavy caffeine drinkers tend to be a little on edge. Consuming high doses can do that to a person, although they might not even notice it. Having too much caffeine can also shoot up your anxiety and even induce panic attacks to those who suffer from it. To prevent any such thing from happening to you, be watchful of the cups that you consume. 

Addicted to Caffeine

6. It’s Hard To Quit The Habit

Quitting any habit is difficult. If the thought of skipping or quitting your daily dose of coffee or tea freaks you out, you need to wake up. Quitting cold turkey does not always help. The withdrawal symptoms make it harder to stay focused. It is best to wean off gradually. Go for smaller cup sizes and decrease your intake per day. You will start noticing the difference in some time. Not only will you be in a better mood, but you will also feel better and sleep well. 

One of the most common signs of addiction is denial. Caffeine is not bad for you if taken in moderation. To help your health, it is vital that you recognize the signs your body gives you. For example, if the lack of morning tea or coffee gives you a headache, it is time to cut down. 

Ideally, two cups of tea or coffee are fine in a day. To help lower the dependency, drink more water. You can also incorporate working out as it is a great natural stimulant for the body and the nervous system. Although caffeine addiction or dependency may sound serious, you are not alone. Besides, it is easier to wean off than most people believe. The positive changes you will notice will more than make up for the resistance you show now. 

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