10 Steps For Shiny, Smooth, and Strong Hair!

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Personality is something which every human being is concerned about nowadays. The best way to present ourselves is looking beautiful and feeling prettiest from head to toe. Thinking of looking at the most presentable, our hair comes as the most essential feature of our face.

So don’t we all want to flaunt our hair in the most perfect way possible? 

For that, we all crave silky shiny hair, regardless of what amount we spend to make our hair look flawless through straightening your hair to smoothening, coloring, or rebonding. Not only do we want our hair to look pretty during festivities but also in our everyday lives we tend to make them look glamorous through blow dry or even straightening or making curls at home.

It’s not very cumbersome to follow the protocol of getting shiny hair. It’s easy 10 steps that can help every being to get the shiniest hair.

So just let yourself flow through these steps:

  • Wash your hair with cold water!

The initial thing to remember is to always wash your hair with cold water as cold water would help loosen up and smoothens the outermost layer of the hair. Firstly use shampoo to wash your hair thoroughly and then apply conditioner running your hands through the ends of your hair. This rinse with cold water would leave your hair full of moisture.

  • Use very less of heating the hair 

When subjected to heat the hair strands get Brittle. Heat makes the hair quality worsen and also it takes away the moisture content. blow-drying and straightening your hair should be done less frequently.

shiny hair
  • Try using blow- dryer which is ionic or ceramic

One cannot completely eradicate using blow dryers as we are working in a fast-moving world. So, to lessen the negative effects heat produces on the hair one should try using ceramic or ionic dryers. These dryers may be used to dry your hair at a lower temperature also that there will be less frizzy hair.

It’s not always the machine, it’s also the method you use. While you hold the blow dryer, hold it some inches far from your hair so that less heat reaches your hair. The direction from your root towards the ends of the hair while continuously moving the comb smoothens the hair strands.

  • Pick the protective products

When our hair is exposed to the sun, pollution, rain, etc. the environment makes our hair vulnerable to breakage and damage. the use of correct products can minimize hair damage. On using sunscreen spray/oil the damage through harmful rays of the sun can be minimized. Also taking steam after a hair wash can help open pores of the scalp and help you get relieved of any deeply rooted pollutants.

Let your hair breathe better by applying slightly heated oil onto the scalp towards the end. Oiling provides nourishment and gives a smooth tone to the hair. It would make your hair quality enhance. You can use the oil once a week to get good results for some shiny lustrous hair treatment and hair loss.

  • Take a well planned balanced diet 

Along with the care you provide to your hair externally, one must also intake foods that help hair become stronger from within. A major portion of biotin is a necessity for good hair quality which includes eggs, almonds, spinach, etc. Such nutritional foods and other supplements for hair would help you fight the environmental damage too.

  • Wash and rinse less often

This is a must when you need to allow natural oils in the scalp to do their job for a while. Shampoo should be used as little as twice a week and one should use the one which suits your hair type.

  • Try using hair masks 

Our hair gets vulnerable to breakage when exposed to the outside environment. Thus it’s important to use a hair mask at least twice a week, this would help your hair rejuvenate. It would leave your hair healthy and finest. Homemade masks are the best as you can select the one best which fits your hair type.

  • Keep liquids intake high! (It’s a must)

The easiest and efficient thing you can practice in your daily life is keeping yourself hydrated enough. An adequate figure of around 2-3 liters of liquids should be a must to keep yourself away from dehydration. Hydration is the key to keep away from hair loss and keep your hair shine with moisture.

Make sure you abide by these 10 easy tricks and you get that pretty shiny hair sooner.

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