Shape Your Abs With These 10 Yoga Poses And Exercises

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yoga for abs
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Time has reached the level where each one of us is a narcissist and this is not at all a bad thing when looking at concentrating to make yourself appear good.

Okay, since you are here on this page, you may be looking for exercises to shape your abs. A buzz in the world in the recent zone!!! Gosh, no one can question. This is crystal clear to focus on the poses of yoga for abs in order to stay ooh la la.

Practice this 10 poses of Yoga for abs

Bent knee V ups yoga for abdomen

You can start your session with this exercise. Lie flat on the ground with your face to the sky. Keep your hands straight by the side of your head. Let your legs rest on the ground.

Now to start off with Bent Knee V Ups all you need to do is, simultaneously bend your knees up as well as raise your hands and upper body so that your hands and legs are parallel to each other.

Get back to your initial position and repeat the exercise. Once you get comfortable with this, you can try the advanced version. For the advanced Bent Knee V Ups, sit down with your legs bent and move your body to the outer side making 45 degrees to the ground.

Now keep your hands straight by the side of your knees. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. Repeat this exercise10-15 times. 

yoga for abs

Mountain climber yoga for abs

Have you ever climbed a mountain or even a ladder? 

This is exactly the same. Be a home mountain Climber. Start by taking a high plank position. Now keep your upper body fixed and start moving your legs in the way you climb.

Bend and bring your legs under your torso and again take it back. You can also try the twisted version of the mountain climber. For this, all you have to do is just bring the right leg to your left elbow and respectively the other side.

yoga for six pack

Dead bug yoga for six pack

Lie down on the floor in the position of sitting on a chair. Keep your legs bent and hands straight above your knees. Straighten one leg as well as the other side hand to the up. Repeat this with the other pair.

yoga for six pack

Ustrasana or camel pose yoga for abs

You can get this exercise better by just looking at the picture. To be more precise, stand with your knees bent and then touch your feet and hands by forming an arch with your upper body. This will stretch your lower ab and will help burn the fats.

If you spare 30 minutes with this Ustrasana or camel pose, you can be all perfect to put on any young denim you had.

yoga for toned abs

Bhujangasana or cobra pose

Bhujangasana or cobra pose is one of the easiest yoga poses that you will come across. For this, lie straight on the ground with your belly to the ground. Inhale deeply and then move your upper torso up by taking your hand’s support. Stay in this position for 20-30 seconds.

yoga for toned abs

Forearm plank yoga for toned abs

Looks the easiest but dare, try for just 20 sec. Get in the position as shown in the picture. You can feel your abs getting shaped with this exercise.

yoga for abdomen


Lie on your back and simply paddle your legs in the air.

Note: in between discussing different exercises to shape your abs, one thing that I wanted to remind you is to prioritize maintaining a healthy diet.

yoga for abdomen

Straight leg up

One of the most effective exercises. Keep your legs straight in the air with your hands by the side or below your back, in whichever way you are comfortable. Once you get habituated, try lifting your head as well as your shoulder. This will increase the efficiency.

yoga for abdomen

Core roll up

Start with lying down face up and rest the arms above your head on the floor. Raise your arms up and slowly lift your back up and above the floor. Curl the body to form a C and extend the arms to the toes. Hold for some seconds and then uncurl. Repeat the process 10 times.

yoga for abdomen

Pilates 100 yoga for abdomen

This is a tough one but once you master this exercise to shape your abs, your abs are going to excel all the limits. To get this exercise done, lie face up first with legs raised straight.

Next, lift your head and shoulder off the mat and extend legs forming a 45-degree angle with the mat. While holding up, try to accumulate the pressure on lower abs.

To get pedantic details about pilates 100 exercise, check here

With everything well explained above, I hope you are all set to practice these poses of yoga for abs. 

Start today, your hard work is going to fructify.

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