10 Best Items On Shake Shack’s Secret Menu That You Just Cannot Miss Out!

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If you’re a fast-food lover then shake shacks secret menu most definitely would be in your top 3. And if you haven’t had food from there yet, then you probably aren’t a true fan of fast food. 

Sorry, but we don’t make the rules. But the real question for fast food lovers is, have you had a look at Shake Shack’s secret menu? You haven’t? Well then, it’s high time you do. 

Although almost every restaurant/cafe’s secret menu is intriguing and exciting, Shake Shack’s secret menu is a game-changer! 

You’re going to get hungry just by reading what all they’re serving on the Shake Shack secret menu. Don’t believe it? Take a look at it yourself then!  

Peanut butter and bacon Shake Shacks Secret Menu

Wow, the name itself gives it away! This has to be one of the best items on the Shake Shack secret menu. They supposedly served this on the actual Shake Shack menu but only for a week or so. 

It might sound like a weird combination at first, but the perfect combination of sweet and savory will change your mind. All you have to do to get this is order a standard bacon Shack Burger at Shake Shack. 

And ask for peanut butter sauce on the side. Voila, it’s that simple!

Once your burger arrives with the peanut sauce, you can drizzle it as much as you want in your burger. Yum!

Cheese dog 

Take your hot dog cravings to the next level with the cheese dog. It’s as simple as it gets – grilled sausage topped off with creamy and melted cheddar American cheeses. But at the same time, it is also as tasty as it gets! 

Talking about hot dogs, here’s a fun fact for you. Shake Shack might be famous for its hamburgers but it originally started as a hot dog stand!

Shake Shacks Secret Menu

Garden dog

All the veggie lovers, don’t be disappointed because Shake Shack has a vegetarian-friendly option for you on its secret menu! 

The garden dog replaces the sausage with a standard hot dog and pairs it up with a crunchy pickle base. And let’s not forget the fresh veggies that accompany the dish. 

Cheese fries with Shack sauce 

Cheese fries are considered to be one of the most commonly enjoyed fast food items. But Shake Shack takes that level of enjoyment to a whole new level with this secret menu item. 

When you order cheese fries with the Shack sauce, you might have to pay a little more for the latter. But hey, it’s most definitely worth it! With the perfect infusion of cheese and their signature sauce, this version of cheese fries never fails to impress. 

Shake Shacks Secret Menu

Shack-cago burger 

The shack-cago dog is an all-time favorite on the Shake Shack menu. But if you want the toppings of this delicious dish transferred to a burger, then you simply have to ask! 

And in case there’s any confusion, just order both the items separately. Once you have your shack-cago dog and hamburger, all you have to do is transfer the toppings to the latter. 

Root beer float

Everyone knows about root beer and you most probably must have had it at least once in your life. But did you know that root beer float is also a thing? Yes! The Shake Shack secret menu offers this sticky sweet surprise and it’s a must-try. 

Simply order a cup of root beer. And ask for a scoop of frozen vanilla custard on the side, in a separate cup. The vanilla is the best option for a pairing. But if you’re feeling excited, then go for a chocolate or hell, even a strawberry flavored scoop of custard! 

Shake Shack quad burger 

Get ready for a giant feast because the Shake Shack quad burger is indeed one hell of a meal. What else do you expect when there’s four times more meat in a burger than the regular one. 

And each cheeseburger patty is topped off with a heavenly slice of American cheese. Woah, what a beast! 

After all, there’s a reason why this item is on the secret menu. 


All the shandy fans raise your hands! Shandy is a half beer and half lemonade drink that is the perfect solution for the scorching summer heat. Not to mention it goes amazingly with a hot dog and/or a hamburger. 

Simply ask for a shandy and if the employee doesn’t get you, then ask them for half beer half lemonade. This Shake Shack hack is worth trying out because beer and burgers are always a great choice.

Protein-style burger

This is a great option for anybody who wishes to have low-carb food. Who said fast food can’t be low-carb! Instead of a bun, you’ll have your burger wrapped up in butter lettuce. 

Healthy and delicious, check! 

Say yes to keto and fast food because you can have both together. Their bunless Shack Burger is also a low-carb option if you want to try it out. 

Shake Shacks Secret Menu

This will shut up every person for good who says that you can’t be healthy if you have fast food. C’mon, get your facts straight Karen!

Topped fries 

When it comes to food, customization can make a lot of difference. And this secret hack at Shake Shack will leave you wanting more and more. You can order the usual crinkle-cut cheese fries, only, you can customize them in whatever way you want to! 

There are so many options to pick from. Be it bacon, spicy sport peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, or why not all of them together! Just ask for a side of each topping, and put it all on your cheesy fries. Hmm, amazing!

So, now that you know the best items on the Shake Shack secret menu, what are you waiting for? Try out these mouth-watering dishes and make the most out of the secret menu!

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