I have once read somewhere that “The skin just below the neck can reveal a woman’s age as well as her skin-care history”. The chest wrinkles!!! These are deep and vertical creases that are caused due to sleeping for hours on one side. Most of you may think that wrinkled skin normally starts appearing when a woman hits her 40s. No, my friend, you are wrong!! Cleavage wrinkles can also show up as early as your 20s or 30s. And let me tell you that in some women, the cleavage lines and folds appear sooner than their facial wrinkles. Your chest lines can be caused by numerous reasons including using sports or push-up bras as it smushes your breasts together. What else? Keep reading!!

Causes of Wrinkles on Cleavage and Chest Area 

As I mentioned before, there are various reasons why a woman’s chest, as well as cleavage, is graced up with wrinkles. Primarily, two causes you should essentially note are:

  • volume contraction in the skin, that is, the natural thinning as well as a loss of collagen which occurs when a woman gets older
  • regular folding of the skin such as the position you sleep in or how you cross your arms.

Here are a handful of other aspects that play an active role in the formation of the cleavage wrinkles: 

  • Genetics: Yes, your wrinkles can be ancestral! Find whether your mom or grandma had them?
  • UV Exposure: Not only tanning beds but natural sunlight too can be the reason.
  • Extreme weight gain or weight loss: Both weight gain and weight loss cause a stretching and, in some cases, they can also droop your skin.
  • Medications: Many pharmaceuticals result in thinning of the skin like steroids such as Prednisone if you use it for the long-term.

Whatever be the reason for your cleavage wrinkles, you should diagnose in the first place. Don’t panic!! Chest or cleavage wrinkles can be prevented as well as improved if you already have them. How? Keep reading to know the effective weapons to fight them!!!

Treatments to Heal Your Cleavage/Chest Wrinkles 

Ultimately, we should realize the fact that the skin on our chest, as well as cleavage, is the same skin that we have on our face. It not only acts the same way as our face’s skin but also responds to the ingredients we apply on our faces. And still, most of the women don’t use anti-aging creams on their bosoms every day. Frankly, we all should!! Remember that your chest is sensitive as it is a high-histamine area. Hence, it is high time to treat it well!! 

Take a look at some methods to naturally get rid of your chest/cleavage wrinkles:

  • Use Aloe Vera 

We all know that aloe era is one of the phenomenal natural ingredients that heal skin healing. And with no doubt, it is also perfect for your chest area as it is soothing, gentle and hydrating.

  • Practice a Tight Workout 

Try doing in 20 push-ups a day and you will definitely witness a serious change in skin volume of your cleavage area over time.      

  • Laser Therapy 

The laser will penetrate the top layer of your skin by poking microscopic holes which ultimately contract as soon as the skin starts to repair itself.

  • Hormonal Therapy 

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the new technique to improve skin texture, elasticity & hydration, and even the thickness.


3 Easy Ways to Prevent Cleavage/Chest Wrinkles 

Cleavage wrinkles affect every age group, so it is time to start a few good habits:

  • Let your breasts feel free by using appropriate bras.
  • Try to be in the shade as the sun is your skin’s biggest enemy.
  • Adopt good sleeping habits

Bottom Line

if you have signs of cleavage wrinkles, try to focus on easy repair treatments and avoid the formation of new lines. Gradually, adopt some lifestyle changes and achieve a silky smooth and plump chest!!!