Don’t you hate it when you have the perfect light, the perfect pose and just the perfect selfie in your phone, ready to be uploaded on Instagram and receive several hundred likes, but then there it is – the dreaded facial hair detail. Yes, it can be annoying to see facial hair on your pictures in the era of dynamically detailed camera phones. Sometimes, facial hair can also be pointed out by someone else and lead to embarrassment. This is the reason why grooming oneself regularly and efficiently is essential. But truth be told, facial hair removal is not really a cup of tea. You need to decide how to do it, which is the best type of method to do it. But, don’t you worry, because we are here to tell you all the tricks and tips to get rid of facial hair quickly.

How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair?

Checkout some of the best ways to get rid of facial hair easily:

1. Tweezing

Chances are, plucking is the way with which you’re most familiar. In spite of everything, tweezers are usual in most households so they’re the easiest to reach for when you notice some strays. Tips include don’t wash your tweezer set with regular soap and water because you run the risk of accidentally dropping and damaging it due to slippery hands, or possibly causing the metal to smear or oxidize.

2. Waxing Facial Hair

One more very common method is waxing. By means of either soft wax, which is pulled off with cloth strips, or hard wax that simply hardens and is pulled off on its own, a practitioner can get rid of hair from your upper lip, cheeks, brows, and chin with ease. But this popular practice is not suitable for everyone. Waxing can result in irritation for some people because the skin can be sensitive to the products being applied to the surface. An inaccurate technique may result in incomplete removal of the hair follicle and breakage of the hair shaft, so the skin surrounding the hair shaft can then become inflamed. If the retained hair follicle turns out to be entrapped, it can lead to ingrown hairs. 

3. Shaving

While shaving may be less frequently used on the face than the above-mentioned options, it’s the way many women choose to remove their facial hair. But what about that old tale about your hair coming back thicker if you shave? Well, it’s just a myth that your hair will grow coarser and more thickly after shaving. The follicle gets cut in half therefore it feels pricklier, but it’s not any thicker. If you feel most comfortable with a razor, just be certain to take precautions so you can get the smoothest, least irritating finish.

4. Threading

Threading is a very common practice in the Asian countries that comprises using a thin, doubled cotton thread pulled super-taut to roll over areas where you wish to remove hairs, thus pulling them out. While it isn’t quite as effort intensive as plucking hair one at a time, it works best on smaller areas such as your eyebrows, upper lips, and cheeks. Unlike using tweezers, threading is much trickier to try if you’ve never practiced it, so head to a salon with a professional who specializes in it for the best results.

5. Depilatory Creams

Gone are the days when depilatory creams were badly scented, there are loads of new ones that are gentle and fragrance-free. These creams are applied to the areas with extra hair, then wiped away along with the hair themselves. Depilatory creams use chemicals such as calcium thioglycolate or potassium thioglycolate, which break disulfide bonds in keratin, thus weakening the hair.

Topical Prescriptions
Topical Prescriptions

6. Topical Prescriptions

In addition to the above-mentioned over-the-counter or in-salon methods, you can also talk to your dermatologist about trying a topical prescription.

7. Laser Hair Removal

If you want something which is much more permanent, you can try laser hair removal. Lasers shoot a certain wavelength of light that’s explicitly absorbed by the hair follicle itself.  When that light is absorbed, it gets converted into heat which kills the hair follicle. 

8. Electrolysis

Another permanent option is going for electrolysis, which uses concentrated heat to destroy each follicle one at a time to prohibit hairs from growing. This is an ideal method for people who want permanent hair removal, but can’t do laser removal because their hairs are light or fuzzy.

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