Ruma Sharma: “Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination”

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The world of entertainment, especially the acting world, is indeed exciting. However, entering this tinsel town requires talent, passion, luck, and lots of hard work. Every career prospect that we know of, are full of crazy competition. The same is the situation in this glamorous world of our favorite celebs.

Countless individuals, irrespective of their age, get determined to excel and make a name for themselves in this captivating acting industry, and luckier ones get to be in the limelight, creating a buzz among the people for their performance and personality. 

One such charming, talented young woman who is climbing up the ladder to success is Ruma Sharma. She entered this industry when she was just a kid of six years old, and now she is all grown up to become a very eye-catching personality continuing her career as an actor and a model. Ruma Sharma is famous for her role as Riddhima in Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan

The Voice of Woman recently got the opportunity to interview the sensational Ruma Sharma to know more about her life as a child artist, and a few other interesting information as well.

You landed in the acting industry at a very young age of six, and your second acting experience was in Jasoos Vijay, produced by BBC World. How was your experience as a child artist?

Yes, I started my career in the acting industry when I was very young and Jasoos Vijay was my first show by the BBC. I was pretty nervous initially as I was the child lead of the show.

My mother used to take me to the sets for the shoots. As a kid, I received a lot of pampering and everyone cared for me a lot while shooting for the show. Everybody appreciated my efforts as a kid for acting. Moreover, even if I make any mistakes while shooting, everyone on the sets helped me with scenes with so much love. Also, at the end of each day of shooting, I was given chocolates.

I also remember the director calling up my mom to say that I will rise in my life and that he loved working with me. He also later cast me for an advertisement for a Delhi based juice brand; I don’t remember the name. 

My mom deserves most of the credit, because of whom mainly I got the opportunity to act in this show. Actually, what happened, I got the call for the show during my summer vacation, and I didn’t understand the importance of doing this show, so I cried and fought with my mom and wanted to go to my grandparent’s house in Jaipur instead, which was like a summer vacation ritual of every year. 

But she convinced me somehow, which turned out to be extremely fruitful for my career now. I also shared screens indirectly with the legendary Om Puri, who was the presenter of the show. I will be thankful to my mother forever for this. 

How did you keep up with your academics while being in the acting industry at the same time?

Honestly, ever since I was a kid, I had a lot of interests in sports, and I was a badminton champion in my school as well at that time. I somehow never had difficulty maintaining my studies or sports or doing any creative activity like my acting. 

Even now, I try to utilize my time while inside my vanity van doing any creative work such as making a video, or a monologue. If you have a strong desire to do something, you can always make time to do it in any situation.

You have now gained popularity in the industry for your boldness and sultriness on the screen. How does it feel? 

Yes, I have indeed gained popularity because of my boldness and glamour. But after a certain point of time, I have tried changing my profile because an actor should always be versatile. I have also tried the Indian Desi look apart from the bikini look as well. People often contact me to compliment my Indian look, indo western looks more than my bikini look, and I really appreciate that people love me in both the looks.

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You have acted in a Kannada movie named Anushka. How was your experience in the south movie industry?

Yeah, I got the offer to be cast in a Kannada movie, Anushka, through Facebook. But I was reluctant at the beginning about its authenticity because it is hard to trust such things when it comes to social media.

I was contacted by the director and wanted me to share my work portfolio, and I did send him the needful, without much thought. Later to my surprise, I got to know that he decided to cast me in the film, and he shared all official agreements to finalize, which is when it hit me that this is all really happening. 

We had to shoot for the film somewhere in the outskirts of Bangalore. I had to shoot for a dance as well, with Sadhu Kokila of the South Film industry, which was pretty much a huge step forward for my career.

I learned the Kannada language on the sets to deliver my dialogues in the best way possible. Although they dubbed my voice on the screen, I learned the language anyway to make the scenes as real as possible expression wise as well, since it was my first film. 

Moreover, it was lovely when they really appreciated my work in the film as I could give the perfect expressions while acting even though I couldn’t speak Kannada fluently. I loved working on this Kannada film, and there is another ongoing Kannada film project which is currently on hold, so let’s see, as I may be doing another Kannada film very soon. 

Any difficulties that you have encountered being a woman in the acting industry? 

In my initial days, there was a guy, whose name I am not going to reveal, once approached me offering me to get me acting jobs. He was one of those who attempted casting couch.

So, I went to meet the guy once at a coffee place, and then I realized his ulterior intentions. As I was pretty young, around 19 or 20 years old at that time, I couldn’t say much to him out of fear unlike now, and I just left the coffee place without saying anything. 

He even threatened me when I rejected his approach. This is when I became stronger and more motivated than ever to do something in the acting industry not because I felt threatened, but because I felt like shutting the mouths of such people by showing them my talents in the acting industry. 

The thing is, when you are new to the city hoping to enter the acting industry, with no inside contacts, all you can do is, work hard with passion and be patient for your dream to come true.

Who is your favorite actor, both male and female, with whom you dream to work together in the future? 

My recent favorite male actors are Ayushman Khurrana and Vicky Kaushal. The acting of Vicky Kaushal in Uri was excellent, and I became his fan for his amazing performance and dashing looks. I like him for his down to earth personality, his selection of movies is just amazing, and I would really like to work with both of them in the future. 

I also wished to work with Irrfan Khan Sir who was also an NSD pass out, a brilliant actor, and an amazing human being. 

My favorite female actor has always been Kareena Kapoor Khan, and I am a huge fan of her, love the way she carries herself. I know it sounds funny, but I don’t mind being a lesbian for her.*giggles*

Jokes apart, if by god’s grace, I can achieve stardom someday, I would like to represent Kareena Kapoor for the songs in the IIFA show in the future, as the younger generation actors dedicate their performance to the senior actors.

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What is the inspirational quote that always makes Ruma Sharma feel positive? 

Umm… There are two quotes that I always keep in my mind – Success is a journey, not a destination & Go and grow with the flow.

What are the interests and hobbies of Ruma Sharma?

I love dancing, and it is something that really interests me since my school days. I am learning the Bharatanatyam dance style, as of now. 

One of my hobbies is sketching, even if I don’t get much time to spend my time doing it, and my other hobby is traveling and exploring new places. I love to explore and see different historical places. 

Tell us a bit about your modeling career

Honestly speaking, I never worked for or thought of trying the modeling career. Few of my pictures become viral, after which I started receiving modeling offers. 

Since I loved to take my selfies, and I had some free time on my hand, I decided to grab the opportunity and turned out to be pretty huge. I ended up doing different types of photoshoots such as Bikini shoots, Bridal, Rajwara, and many more.

If you had to choose between being a model and an actor which one would you choose and why? 

Definitely acting, as acting is my first love. Most importantly, my mother has sacrificed a lot to help me achieve my dream of becoming an actor. So, I am doing my best to fulfill her dreams to see me on the big screens, after all, she has done a lot for me. 

Since I am putting all my efforts into the acting industry, I definitely would like to call myself an actor cum model.

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So, how are you spending time during this never-ending lockdown? 

I am finally able to complete all my pending work, and since I don’t know how to cook, I am learning to cook a bit as well during this lockdown.

Also, I am able to spend proper time with my family, which was impossible when I had to spend a lot of time away from home for my shoots.

What is the one thing that you cannot imagine your life without it? 

My mother without any doubts. She is my support system. She has done a lot for me, despite the challenges she has faced being a single parent in our society. My other family members have as well supported us. But whatever I am today, it is only because of her and her motivations. I am really blessed to have her as my mother.

What is the first activity that you want to do once the pandemic situation disappears? 

Once this pandemic situation disappears, the first thing that I want to do is eat panipuris. I haven’t eaten panipuris for a whole two months now.

What would you like to say about The Voice of Woman? 

The VOW is really doing a great job. I will suggest everyone to support your work💗 ~ Ruma Sharma

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