Things You Really Need To Know As A Teenager If You’re into Protesting!

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The youth of today is the future of tomorrow! In the backdrop of the political happenings that have been volatile, stressful, and highly controversial and suppressed, the group that beholds the maximum power to idealise or transit an ideology, decision or action is the youth of the country. Students in a nation have always been vocal about their views and wish to create a revolutionary change for the betterment of society. Though, even students have opposite wings and fractions with different ideologies, all of them are in unity of supporting a radical change for the betterment of the societỵ

The students’ protest in India is not a recurrent happening, it has been an old phenomenon that still has been in trend for an issue that they wish to fight and protest for in order to restore peace and betterment according to their ideology. They use different means to showcase their angst and fight for issues from gender inequality to LGBTQIA rights !

If teenagers and the youth are interested in advocating the demonstrations or walkouts, it is as a protestor, important to be aware of the rights that are granted for the same. In regard to that, it is also necessary to ensure that the youth abides by the norms laid out to maintain a peaceful protest.

Indian Constitution About Protests

 “Citizens have a fundamental right to assembly and peaceful protest which cannot be taken away by an arbitrary executive or legislative action.” – Supreme Court

It is important to realise that all the protests that take place are legally allowed only if they are non-violent in nature and carried out with appropriate allowance and permissible regards. 

Laws Regarding Protests

“Fundamental duties that are enshrined in the constitution require that the rule of law is followed and that public property is not destroyed,The right to protest peacefully is enshrined in the Indian Constitution—Article 19(1)(a) guarantees the freedom of speech and expression; Article 19(1)(b) assures citizens the right to assemble peaceably and without arms.

Let us Get started on the most important things you need to know while being a part of the protest! It is necessary to be aware about the guidelines on how to be safe and sound and be free from any risk. 

Are You Aware Of The Buddy System?

It is significant to understand that though you might be an advocate about a certain idea and might be ready to support the same for good means, you should never be alone in supporting the cause through a demonstration all alone. Thereby, you should plan such events or demonstrations with your friends who might be interested in the same. So indeed, decide a spot you wish to meet at, and a place to spread out at. This seems to be an important thing to keep in mind because protests can be very stressful and chaotic, and can unfortunately even be a ground where molestations or other crimes could take place. That is why we stress on how important it is to be with your buddies and in a circle in order to avoid the deviance.

In addition you can even let your parents know about the same, about where you wish to meet up and get separated in these demonstrations.

Battery Should Be At 100 & Emergency Apps A Click Away !

It might sound as if it’s an obvious and simple thing to do! But in serious times, this device in your hand might be the most important thing for a contact or help. So while you might be heading out from the door, make sure you check in your smartphone as a precautionary measure. What might be coming to be another good alternative is that you pack away a powerbank with you while you travel out for the advocacy of your stance. 

Another Important thing that you have no’t thought of for staying in touch might be using emergency apps in order to stay in track with your loved ones if you might be in danger or lost in nowhere. In Iphones, there is a special feature called “ Find my Iphone” service if you have an apple cell with you.  If you have an Android phone, the Life 360 app might be of great use for the same means, both of the applications shall help you to use your GPS and showcase your location to your loved ones, when you might be in danger.

right to protest

Pack And Dress Wise!

This can be tricky at first, but might make sense after you hear it! Pack and Dress wisely!!! Yes, it is of intricate eminence to be sure that you are comfortable! You need to be sure that when you head out, you take in regard the weather and the season and wear the most comfortable clothes you have to feel okay. There can be a lot of walking, sit in and weather trouble while being in the demonstrations. It can be undeniably uncomfortable to be stuck outside without the required material like an umbrella in the rainy season. ( sounds uncomfortably weird). Moreover, what you need to carry as a necessity is your Identification card, Some cash, snacks and water for emergencies. Meanwhile, you should not likely consider bringing valuable items in the demonstrations like a pair of sunglasses or watches as a prolific crowd can be prone to thefts.

Know How to Interact With Police

There can be times when you may encounter the police, it is usually seen that police are present at the meet of protest in order to ensure that the protest is peaceful and not violent protest or unlawful in any sort. Having the right to protest, as long as you obey the rules and carry out the process through peaceful means you may not need to encounter the police. 

But if under any circumstances, you do encounter any police official, there are certain points you need to keep in mind. Some of the points include, being  respectful and polite towards the same. Taking for instance, if you ever come in conversation with a policeman, the first thing you need to do is stay quiet and be in your politely calm form and listen to his concern, and in no case you should be rude or commanding to him as that could lead to issues between you two! 

It is highly advisable to understand and accept his commands in respect to his uniform and never should you dare to run away from the same!  And, For your own good and prior knowledge, it is good to know the laws and rights as well as your duties in advance. 

Do Not Interfere With Another Person’s Rights

One of the major problems that lies within the protestors is they try to interfere with another person’s right to freedom and speech!

In simple words, you  can never attempt to block another person’s action who has come to vocalise their views by blocking their demonstrations through any means. If you tend to do such an action, you probably will be infringing their right to protest. In addition, if you try to practice such violent acts, protesting in such a manner shall make others feel apprehensive of your presence.  Therefore it is necessary to understand that the demonstration needs to be highly peaceful or non violent protest and respectful to everyone.

Counter party Have Rights To Protest too! 

While counter-protesters who do not have any permission or right to physically be part of a violent action in  the event where your teen protest is on, they can choose to attend the protest and exercise of freedom of speech. Everyone has a right to freedom of speech and free demonstration just as much as you do. It is on you that you are resilient  to their words and might as well ignore the same. They can come out to be pathetically obnoxious and might even make inappropriate comments, but always choose to ignore them. 

Therefore here are the key points you need to remember before you set out to be vocal about your views and exercise your right to freedom as the constitution prescribes you!

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