We have heard the phrase “we are what we eat” mostly by our parents to encourage healthy eating habits in us. This phrase proves true for pregnant women, as the diet of the mother plays a very important role in the development and health for the child. Eating right and healthy food helps the mother by providing energy and protection from certain diseases or complications. 

But have you ever wondered that diet can also affect the sex of the baby? We don’t support gender discrimination and want to clarify at the onset of this article that the biology of conception cannot be predetermined and modified, it is a highly complicated process, a miracle of life! Many parents are desperate to have a baby girl in their family and while the right diet to conceive a girl can’t guarantee definite results it is worth trying out. 

How to Conceiving A Baby Girl?

Many parents want to know how to conceive a girl and may or may not be aware of the other methods that can be the sure ways of conceiving a girl.

1. Timing

Popularly known as The Shettles Method, which has worked 75% for people, focuses on the importance of timing as a factor to determine the sex of the baby. Dr Shettles suggested having sex, 3-4 days before ovulation for conceiving a girl. This is because male sperms are fast but survive only for a short while but a girl sperm are slower but survive for longer. 

2. Technology 

Many couples who aren’t able to conceive naturally use high-tech methods to conceive. However, these methods are illegal in some countries and also cost a fortune. If you are willing to go through this process, you can have a sure solution for conceiving a girl. Methods such as sperm sorting and In vitro fertilization. 

3. Sex Positions

Certain sex positions such as missionary position are beneficial to conceive a baby girl. Any similar position that limits the depth of penetration. The male sperms are fast swimmers and survive only for a short while, so they won’t make it to the egg with shallow penetration. On the other hand, girl sperms travel slowly but are also able to survive that long and reach the egg. 

4. Diet 

Most people think the right diet to conceive a baby girl is a vague concept. Scientists have been working to study the connection between diet and sex of the child. Since the studies that prove this study valid are very few, there is no surety for conceiving a specific gender solely with the help of the right diet. Currently, studies have shown that the mother’s diet has more influence over the conception than the fathers. 

Right Diet to Conceive A Baby Girl 

Since the studies on the proper link between a mother’s diet and the gender of the child are ongoing and would take years to prove, there are certain foods for conceiving a girl that you should know about if you are trying to conceive a baby girl. 

Conceiving A Baby Girl
Conceiving A Baby Girl

1. Food rich in Magnesium and Calcium 

A study conducted on 740 women who were in the process of conceiving has shown that mothers who consumed a diet rich in these two were able to conceive a girl. These foods may not prove to be the only solution but there is no harm when it comes to food. Both these are anyway good for women and should be a part of their natural diet, so you could try to add food items rich in calcium and magnesium to conceive a girl. 

2. Low-calorie diet

A few studies have proven that women who consumed high calories when they were trying to conceive and had boys. 

So, if you are someone you want to eat the right food for conceiving a baby girl you should restrict taking high calorie food and focus on eating a healthy and right amount of calorie.

3. Check your blood sugar levels

This is another important thing to remember when you are trying to conceive a baby girl. You have to eat foods that are rich in fiber and protein instead of food that could fluctuate your blood sugar levels. Keeping your blood sugar levels in check does not mean that you cut down sugar from your diet completely, instead, the amount should be just right so that the blood sugar levels are balanced. 

4. Check your salt intake

When trying to conceive a girl make sure to have a low salt diet. Researches have shown that diets with high intake of potassium and sodium were favorable to conceive a boy. Hence, if you want to increase the chances of your conceiving a girl you should limit the intake of salt in your meals or any food items that may contain a lot of salt. 

5. Acidic food

It is proven that male sperm are not able to live in an acidic environment. So, if you want to conceive a girl you should incorporate foods rich in acidic content in your diet. But it is important to understand that a very high acidic state could not be healthy for you and may lead to some gastrointestinal problems or acidity. 

Conceiving A Baby Girl
Conceiving A Baby Girl

However, a limited yet frequent intake of acidic food in your diet can prove to be the right diet to conceive a baby girl. 

Food for Conceiving A Girl

After looking at the right diet to conceive a baby girl, here is a list of food items that could help you in the process

  • Leafy Vegetables like spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Fish or any kind of seafood
  • Dry fruits like Almonds, cashews and walnuts
  • Blueberries
  • Dairy- Tofu, butter, cheese, milk, yogurt
  • Seeds- flax or pumpkin seeds
  • Fruits like apples, figs, citrus fruits
  • Eggs
  • Grains such as wheat, bread, rice
  • Beans, Peanuts
  • Vinegar

After looking at all these methods and the right diet to conceive a baby girl, it is important to know that such diets do not promise for 100% results but if you want to still try and look at the different options and food that could benefit you to conceive a girl. It is important to say that no matter the gender it is important to have a healthy baby and mother, so don’t go hard on yourself and believe everything you read on the net. 

Kids are a blessing and the process to conceive them should also be a happy one and should not limit you to only certain food items.