Common colds are the bane of modern society. With the runny nose, sore throat, and fatigue, they can surely kill your plans for the days to come. The cold is caused in the upper respiratory tract. Did you know it is caused by over 200 different viruses? The common cold usually lasts for a week. But in children and the elderly with poor health, it can last longer. Did you know that adults get cold two to four times a year, whereas children get it six to eight times? 

Is Common Cold More Common in Women?

This is an age-old question that many wonder about. According to a study based on people’s reports of their symptoms, women may be more affected by the common cold than men. In the study, women complained more of muscle ache and fatigue. The findings were discussed in the IDF Week in New Orleans in 2016. However, it is yet to be published anywhere. The study assessed over 777 men and women patients across five military treatment facilities in the USA. The study was done between 2009 and 2014. It found that the symptoms lasted longer in women than it did in men. Some of the patients were on active duty, while others were close family members. 

Home Remedies For Cold

No one is safe from the cold. After all, it is so common! Although there is no cure for it, there are symptomatic treatments that help reduce the discomfort. You could choose some over-the-counter medicines. However, home remedies can be quite helpful.

1. Steam

One of the major struggles with the common cold is the blocked nose. The best way to relieve nasal congestion and sinus pressure is to inhale some steam. You can heat water, cover your head, and inhale steam the good old way! Steam soothes the tissues. You can add eucalyptus oil in the steam to enhance the effects. A hot shower would be helpful too

2. Sip Liquids 

Common cold tends to speed up dehydration with the runny nose and mucus production. Water is the best option if you are looking to stay hydrated. However, you can drink other liquids as well. If you have a common cold, then you can have soup and juice too. Drinking liquid can help thin mucus. Avoid alcohol as it will dehydrate you more. 

3. Honey 

If the cough is bothering you at night, you could heat a tablespoon of honey and lick it up. Honey is safe for kids too, just not below one year of age. Honey contains botulinum spores. It can grow in a baby’s stomach and make them sick. Some people suggest the combination of grated ginger and warm honey does wonder for the cough. 


4. Gargling

The old-school method to cure a sore throat is perhaps the best one. Gargling with warm water and a teaspoon of salt soothes the throat and reduces the symptoms. You can also try gargling with warm water with lemon juice and some honey. Just make sure that the water is not too hot. 

5. Rest

Nothing heals you better than proper rest. A common symptom of a cold is fatigue. Take a day off from work and just laze around in the bed. Drink lots of water; catch up on your favorite TV show and sleep! It will help to rejuvenate your mind and body. Comprising sleep can weaken your immune system, which can make you fall sick more often. 


You might have heard the saying “Prevention is better than cure.” We are here with a few easy-to-follow tips that could help prevent the common cold from getting to you.

  • Wash your hands regularly

Viruses live on our hands. We also tend to touch our face without even realizing it. This is how the virus is transferred to you and you get sick. While traveling, a hand sanitizer makes a good replacement for soap.

  • Stay away from sick people

This is how the infection spreads around. While it is not possible to avoid anyone who is sick, try to maintain distance. If you have to be near them then cover your mouth and nose to avoid contamination.

  • Make your immunity strong

This is your best chance against any kind of virus or bacteria. Avoid stress and get enough sleep. Also eat a healthy diet that helps your immunity. These are some of the proven ways that have helped the immunity grow strong. The common cold is pretty common. But it can still make a person sick enough to skip school or work. It can completely throw off your plans for the coming week. So it is better to take precautions and save yourself while there is time. These symptomatic treatments at home have proven to help people heal faster. Common colds can be prevented by taking care of your immune system and staying away from sick people. If the infection is all around you, wear a mask, and wash your hands often.

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