Chocolate, a confectionary that almost everyone is very fond of eating. Growing up as kids, we all have munched loads of chocolates every chance we get. As children, we were also fascinated with the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and wished it truly existed.

However, as we grow up, most of us try to limit the consumption of chocolates due to its high sugar and fat content. No matter how hard we try to lower the intake of chocolate with age, there are days where we find ourselves craving chocolates. We all go through days when we think or feel like eating a particular thing like chocolate. In such situations, some days we can control our chocolate cravings, and somedays chocolate is all we want.

Why do we get such chocolate cravings? What could be the reasons for craving chocolate? Generally, you get cravings for a particular food item when your body is in need of a particular vitamin. But what nutrients do chocolates have then? Well, not to worry, we are here to clear your thoughts on why you ladies get chocolate cravings.

All About Chocolates

According to the Fine Chocolate Industry Association, fine chocolate is made with cacao/cocoa liquor, cacao/cocoa butter, sugar, lecithin, milk fats, and solids possibly.

However, based on the type of chocolate, the components such as cacao/cocoa content, sugar content varies. We all know that dark chocolate is good for our health than the other types of chocolates i.e., milk chocolate, and white chocolate. Hence, it is good to eat a bit of dark chocolate if you ever get chocolate cravings.

Reasons for Chocolate Cravings

Here are a few reasons why are craving chocolate. 

You have a nutrient deficiency

Studies suggest that cacao/cocoa which is the base component of chocolates consists of minerals such as magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium. 

Chocolate Cravings
Chocolate Cravings

Health experts reveal that when you have chocolate cravings, magnesium deficiency may be one of the reasons. However, there are far better nutritious foods containing magnesium in comparison to chocolates. But the body wants what it wants, right ladies?

Your body is demanding some sugar

If only we could know the deficiencies, we have in terms of nutrients in our bodies without visiting the testing labs. Then we could keep track of our nutrition intake properly on a daily basis. Since this is not possible, that is why we all suffer from various deficiencies unknowingly. 

As a result, in such cases, your body tries to make up for the deficiency through such cravings. We all try to stay away from sugar as much as possible due to its negative impacts on health. But if your body receives sugar in too minimal amounts, it is problematic. Why? Sugar is necessary as your body derives energy by breaking it down. So, if you have been reducing the intake of food with sugar content or sugar in general, then it may be one of the reasons for craving chocolate.


Pregnancy is a challenging yet beautiful phase in a woman’s life. During this period, the body goes through a lot of changes. Hormones play an integral role in this case, and hormonal levels also fluctuate significantly. 

As a result, pregnant women get different types of food cravings both usual and unusual. One of them is chocolate cravings. However, the reasons for craving chocolate during pregnancy are a bit of a blur honestly. 


We women sure have to go through a lot in our lives, biologically speaking. Sometimes, those five days of periods feel more like a punishment, especially during summers, when it is hot and humid.

Most importantly, the mood swings and all the other PMS stuff we all experience is tiring sometimes. Due to the fluctuation in the hormonal level during and before menses, you may be craving chocolate during the period.

On a different note, it is a known fact that the consumption of dark chocolates in small quantities is good during periods if you have cramps. We also know that chocolates can alleviate our moods as well. So, it is a good choice to go for when you find yourself struggling with mood swings.

You love chocolates- one of the obvious reasons for craving chocolate

Chocolates have an unquestionable connection with us. Some of us just love chocolates. Many individuals have a sweet tooth, more specifically they have an undying love for chocolates. 

Chocolate Cravings
Chocolate Cravings

Most of you may not even realize that you really love chocolates. A simple sign to prove it is your chocolate cravings.

Which chocolate should you go for to quench your Chocolate Cravings?

If you are a chocolate lover, choosing a particular type of chocolate may be hard. The heart wants what it wants, after all! But it is for the best if you consume dark chocolates more. Dark chocolates are made with more cacao/cocoa content and have less sugar. 

You can, of course, indulge in the consumption of regular chocolates as well. Always keep in mind, when you read chocolates are good for health, they specifically mean dark chocolates.

Health Benefits of Chocolates

Since we get chocolate cravings, it is better to know what are the benefits of eating chocolates, right ladies?

Good for your heart

Chocolates, especially dark chocolates are good for your heart. Studies show that the consumption of chocolates helps reduce bad cholesterol in the body. Moreover, it is known to keep most heart diseases at bay. 

It is a stress reliever

Chocolates are known to relax your mind and body, reducing any stress that you have been taking. It seems to calm the body. 

It is full of antioxidants

Dark chocolates consist of maximum antioxidants in comparison to the other forms of chocolates. 

Bottom Line

So, these are a few facts about chocolates and possible reasons for craving chocolates. However, it is important to point out that even if chocolates have nutritional value, it will be still wise to limit consumption. 

We get it, it is hard to do so when you are craving chocolates like crazy. Always remember, it is not good to overeat or overdo anything even if it has health benefits. Also, always go for good quality chocolates. 

Take care🏵

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