Questions You Always Had About Your Fitness Answered By Physiotherapist Dr. Tanya Chaudhari

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Women are truly versatile in all aspects of life. Gone are those days when women could only pursue only one career option or none. Nowadays, we often face a dilemma when it comes to choosing our career, especially when our dream career is different from that of our family. Some of us end up pursuing a career that least interests us and we often think of changing our career or pursue two careers simultaneously.

Meet Dr. Tanya Chaudhari; she is a physiotherapist, a model, an influencer, and a philanthropist. This multi-talented and gorgeous lady is a real-life example of the fact that we women can do anything and everything if we want to, a big inspiration indeed for all the women out there!

The Voice of Woman recently got into chatting with this high spirited physiotherapist, where she revealed how she ended up pursuing different forms of career at the same time, a few beneficial tips to stay fit and a lot more.

You are a physiotherapist, as well as a model. How did you end up with two different types of job profiles?

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a model because I loved being on stage, I still do. But since my father wanted me to become a doctor, I pursued the physiotherapist career to fulfill his dream, and after that, I fulfilled my dream of becoming a model, and I became a philanthropist too.

Nowadays, most young women starting from the 20s suffer from spondylitis, back pain, and whatnot. What could be the reason behind this? What exercise will you suggest to the women who are suffering from recurring spondylitis and back pain?

The diagnosis of spondylitis is not that simple, and about back pain, the thing is, it is not a disease per se but is a symptom of any underlying health issue. So, without a check-up, it will be difficult to prescribe any remedy or exercise that will help with back pain or any such health issue. 

What I can suggest is, you can go for a jog, a brisk walk, try doing all the joint-related range of motion exercises, and include a healthy diet.  

tanya chaudhari on instagram

We also see most women after the 50s suffer from osteoporosis. Is there any therapeutic exercise to help with such a condition? 

Women after the age of 50s who go through menopause mostly suffer from such a condition. Due to menopause, the hormonal levels in our body decreases along with the imbalance of calcium-potassium. So, after menopause, the development of osteoporosis occurs, due to which the density of your bones reduces. For this, you should increase your intake of calcium to compensate for the loss, start going for normal walks, start doing normal stretching. Also, without a prior diagnosis, the recommendation of any exercise that will help is difficult.

What exercises will you suggest for all the young girls out there to stay fit and active?

Girls, for tips to stay fit and active, I will suggest you to workout at least 40 minutes a day, go for brisk walks, decrease your intake of carbs, eat healthy food, include fruits in your diet, reduce your sugar intake, and always keep smiling!

Our readers would love to know how you keep yourself fit? 

For starters, I am a total gym freak! I work out daily for at least one to two hours at my gym. I eat a healthy diet which has low sugar and carbs. Lastly, I also drink a lot of water as it helps my skin to glow.

Tell us about your breast cancer awareness programme

The truth about breast cancer is its mortality rate is increasing rapidly nowadays. The development of breast cancer can even start in a young woman even in her 20s. The biggest drawback of breast cancer is many people lack the awareness of this condition in women. 

My father, who hails from a small village, wanted me to visit the people in the village and spread the awareness of breast cancer. He thought this was important because most of the women lacked education, and knew nothing about the human body, health issues, and as such. So, I decided to give it a try to impart knowledge to such people for their benefit, which motivated me to take this breast cancer awareness programme further. 

As of now, I have visited 35 locations that include villages, towns, and girls’ schools for this breast cancer awareness programme. Being a social worker, it feels good to create a health awareness for such an important issue. So, now with this, I am a physiotherapist, a model, and a philanthropist! 

Pretty soon, I am thinking of opening my own NGO and rehabilitation center as well.

tanya chaudhari on instagram

What would you like to tell all the women who are too scared to change their career and pursue something of their choice?

There is nothing wrong if you want to change your career and do something that you like. For instance, I always wanted to become a model but to keep my family happy, I chose the medical field and decided to fulfill their dream first. But I could never find job satisfaction at a personal level in that field. This is why, after this, I chose the career of my choice. If you are confident about yourself and you know that you have the potential to work hard and you can manage two different careers, go for it!

Any friendly advice as a doctor for the readers of The Voice of Woman?

As a doctor, I will suggest that, take some time for yourself and exercise daily for at least 40 minutes, do the stretching exercises, do all the range of motion exercises and include a healthy diet. Always remember, your type of diet intake creates a lot of difference in your life. Stop the consumption of junk food, add veggies and fruits, juice, soups in your daily diet. The list of healthy items that you can add in your diet is endless. 

Lastly, I would like to say, stay healthy, try to stay fit and stay wow just like me! Love you all, Bye!

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