All our lives women have been told to behave ‘properly.’ Whether it was to laugh quietly or to sit with our legs closed, there has always been a definition of what a proper lady should be like. The famous apparel and shoe brand PUMA recently came out with a campaign that aims to redefine what a ‘proper lady’ is like. The campaign takes a playful dig at the word ‘proper’ and redefines it as “Propah Lady.

PUMA Campaign

This campaign aims to celebrate women from different backgrounds and bring them into the limelight. Being true to the essence of breaking stereotypes, famous names like Olympic boxer Mary Kom, actress Sara Ali Khan, athlete Dutee Chand, and transgender Anjali Lama have been signed on for this campaign. 

Abhishek Ganguly, who is the Managing Director of Puma India, said: “Be it our athletes, consumers or employees, we believe every woman is a Propah Lady. We appreciate that our ambassadors are taking the lead to work with us in changing the dialogue from ‘empowering’ to ‘celebrating’ the empowered. We want to celebrate women who make her [their] own rules, who break stereotypes. With this campaign, we celebrate empowered women.”


The women who have been chosen for this campaign bring different audiences together. Sara Ali Khan, the actress, connects well with the younger audience, is known for her boldness, and authentic personality. Mary Kom and Dutee Chand have changed the course of history in the world of boxing and sports and need no introduction. Bringing Anjali Lama on board was a great step as it would make the transgender community feel included. 


Marketing of the Campaign

Puma partnered with Digitas to bring Propah Lady to life and they have done a wonderful job at it. The campaign is being spread on social media like wildfire. Whether it is on Youtube or the respective celebrity’s Instagram profile, Propah Lady is everywhere. The campaign is also active on Twitter and Facebook. The brand has smartly joined hands with Nykaa, Myntra, and Dunzo to have a better reach and bigger impact on people. 

The Video

Puma has come out with a video that you can find on Youtube and other social media platforms. It starts with a representation of a woman’s life if she was a computer. Softwares like ‘Sit properly’ and ‘Be Elegant’ are the first ones to be installed.  The system starts to glitch and the whole system crashes when the file propah_lady.exe was being downloaded. This is to signify that a ‘Propah lady’ cannot exist when there are files like ‘Be elegant’ in the system. 

Then you are met with beautiful scenes where Dutee Chand is seen working out in light pink workout clothes and two women run across a field wearing saris with shoes.  Although the core narrative of the campaign is to break stereotypes, it also wants to focus on how ladies are taking charge of their lives and living on their terms. With a fresh perspective and the relatable content, Propah Lady is making waves across the internet.