The practice of dry brushing has been gaining popularity recently and for many reasons. We’ve even seen it as a grant on the menu at spas in resorts. It has several likely advantages, from softer skin to assist with lymphatic drainage. To get a clear picture, here is an overview of the perks and drawbacks of dry brushing. Many people use it as part of their daily skin routine to try to rebuild stiffness, get relieved of peel flaking, and stimulate blood flow to certain areas of the body. There are different health claims concerning dry body brush. People who aren’t aware of the method include regular body massage by a dry, stiff-bristled brush or a scrub. It helps in boosting blood circulation, detoxifying, aid absorption – furthermore, enhance the appearance of cellulite. However, are these assertions accurate? A few, but not all!

Pros of Dry Brushing 

Here are some of the amazing benefits that you can get from dry brushing

1. Lymphatic Care

The lymphatic system is a significant part of an individual’s body’s resistant system. It consists of glands and lymph nodes, channels, and veins that carry lymph in each part of the body. Many of these lymph canals stream just beneath the surface of your skin. It might act to help stimulate lymphatic flowing. Your Lymph joints that aren’t flowing wholly or rightly can increase the occurrence of cellulite, furthermore cause bulging in your limbs.

Lymphatic care
Lymphatic care

The lymphatic system assists your whole body to fight against infections. Fluids pass within the system and then strain into the lymph joints. If you’re feeling ill or bared to numerous toxins, the lymphatic system might grow stiffened up and jammed, which is why your lymph joints usually become swollen if you have a cold. Enthusiasts of dry body brush state that dry brushing the skin frequently assists in stimulating the regular lymph flow throughout the body furthermore aids the body in detoxifying itself directly.

2. Exfoliation

We can see the benefit of exfoliation in the initial period when the first time an individual dry brushing body brushes. The method of moving a firm, uniform bristled brush aloft the skin layer helps release and eliminate dead skin cells, usually exfoliating your skin. The skin layer that emerges from dry skin can block your pores furthermore create itchiness. Dry body brush gets shed of these skin flakes and dead skin cells, which could contrarily induce clogged pores. For this purpose, dry brushing or exfoliating your face might work wonders to stop acne breakouts.

3. Reduces Cellulite

Cellulite is a condition that chiefly concerns many women. Regions affected by cellulite become an undulated surface. The state is not entirely known. Dry brushing with small circular massage over the area diminishes the occurrence of cellulite provisionally. Many people state that it can decrease the occurrence of cellulite as it has related outcomes on the body as massage. There isn’t adequate study to support the cellulite disappearance. However, it seems pleasant and makes skin more delicate; therefore, there isn’t any liability for trying it!

4. Clear Pores and Smaller Pores

The combined advantage of exfoliating the skin is evacuating dirt, oil, and residue from the skin pores. Make sure to use a softer, more moderate dry brush for your face. You’ll notice that pores are much less visible.

5. Recreation

Comparable to a massage, dry brushing might make you feel comfortable and relaxed. To make the most maximum of this perk, follow dry brushing in a dim, calm place.

Cons of Dry Brushing

One thing is evident: Dry brushing isn’t secure for all skin types. If you have skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, inflamed skin or psoriasis, dry brushing can intensify your skin surface and presumably do more further harm than good. Dry brushing can aggravate anyone’s skin if done excessively. Dry brushing serves to exfoliate, yet that suggests that it can likewise dry out your epidermis and also do partial harm to the surface. You should also withdraw dry brushing across an open cut. You could likely import bacteria to the bruise, which could direct to infection.

The Process of Dry Brushing

You can practice dry brushing every day over the entire body, if possible, in the morning before taking a shower. You can begin with a mild brush and gentle pressure. Work up to a more rigid brush and also more steady force overtime.

How to dry brush your skin (dry brushing techniques)?

  • Begin at your feet; further, proceed up your body.
  • Dry brush your body with the help of working broad, round, clockwise movements.
  • Make sure to use delicate pressure in regions where your skin has a thin layer and a more robust force on the thicker surface, for instance, the lower part of your feet.
  • Brush your arms once you have whisked your toes, legs, and mid-portion. You should brush uphill in the direction of your armpits.
  • Following dry brushing, take a cold shower to remove the dry skin flakes further.
  • Once you shower, wipe off and later moisturize your skin by applying natural plant oil or coconut oil to hydrate your skin.
dry brush your skin
dry brush your skin

Note: Don’t brush excessively! Light and steady pressure often work splendidly. Furthermore, if it stings at all, use less force!

Caution for Sensitive Skin

It is advisable to consider what serves you and your whole body. If you have sensitive or delicate skin, either have a history of inflammation and eczema or other skin infirmities, this is one practice you should avoid since vigorous dry brushing could hurt sensitive skin overhead extent. However, if you don’t experience caution signs like distress, itchiness, redness, or steady twinge, performed in an accurate way, a dry brushing practice should help most people. Evade delicate areas, don’t apply overly hard bristles, and promptly end if disturbing signs occur. As a more soothing detox alternative for people who have sensitive skin, practice a detox bath rather than dry brushing.


Dry brushing is a likewise cause to conclude that it encourages proper blood flow, plus it feels great to move the dry brush over your body. Perpetually accompany dry brushing with a moisturizer, also don’t assume it to be an extraordinary remedy, or a substitute  for medical cure.

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