The Voice of Woman lately conversed with the incredible Priyanka Roy who shared with us her exhilarating journey, her inclination towards meditation, and how spirituality and optimism can embolden us to lead a beautiful life.

In her opinion, spirituality is not a path but a way of life that holds the potential to make us realize that we are composed of those kinds of stuff stars are made of.

Desire is always pointed outwards hence the more we gain the more we want for we assume that our desire comforts us yet we are never absolutely satisfied. Whatever you require in life is already inside you. 

The material things are just some add-ons however it can never bring you true happiness or at peace for true contentment comes from within. 

The more we concentrate on evolving as a conscious individual, the more euphoric we become in life as we realize that whatever we have is the best possible thing that can happen to us. Be grateful and fill your heart with gratitude and you shall always see the brighter side of life. 

Interview with Priyanka Roy

Here are the amazing answers of Priyanka Roy given in the interview with VOW

What made you inclined towards meditation? How did this journey from modelling to meditation happen at such a young age

I joined the industry and other activities like martial arts, jazz, and ballet from a very young age. I was fortunate enough to do so, because martial art needs you to be focused, it teaches us discipline.

I understood that meditation is nowhere different and it is exactly the way I am normally. So it was rather very easy for me to get into meditation. It kept moving on like that.

How does meditation still help you in your present life? Why should meditation be everybody’s mantra in life

There is nothing called meditation. It is actually attaining a meditative state which is a way of life. It is not something just about sitting in a particular way and breathing rather it is the time when you are fully conscious about your mind. 

You are not diverting your attention to the future or past but into the tranquility of your mind. It has no rocket science. It is a practice to become conscious. It helps you exist in the present and once you attain that state you are invariably meditative. 

It is a state of being which is unaffected by any kind of emotion no matter how disturbing that is. You are the one who is the controller of its thoughts, not your body or passion.

How difficult it is to become a woman entrepreneur in this patriarchal society

I think it is not at all difficult to become a woman entrepreneur. First of all, you should stop victimizing yourself for being a woman. You need to take it out of your mind first that being a woman is a burden. You are just like a normal human being like men are. 

You are no less than anybody and do not let anybody to look down upon you. The moment you change the way you think it automatically manifests that reality. 

Just know that you are already empowered, you are beautiful and have the ability to manage your work, home, and your passion. Following things this way has always made everything easy for me.

Priyanka Roy
Priyanka Roy

Do you feel being optimistic is a way to lead life? How can optimism and spirituality make a difference in one’s life

It is we who have the power to choose. All that drama, excuses, and baggage of complaining that we create in our life as in we constantly compare ourselves with others, our obsession with the past, our insatiable desire these are all created by us. 

We are the creators of our reality because what we think we manifest that and once we become conscious of this thing then we will know what to create, where to divert our attention so that we only manifest good and positive things. Your emotions like getting angry, sad, depression all these are in your hand. 

When you know how to master your emotion then obviously your life takes a wonderful direction. You can then witness the changes in your surroundings yourself. 

It is always in your hand whether you want to complain or rebuke others for your sufferings or make yourself strong to stand for what is right and take charge of your life in order to decide what you want to take out in particular circumstances. 

You should not let anything control you rather even if the situation is not something to be glad about, then also devise something good out of it. Revolutionize the way you comprehend the cosmos.

What is religion according to you? Do you think harmony between different religions is possible

When we came to our mother’s womb we never identified with any religion whether we were a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, or anything else. It is not something that happens to us as we get the essence of consciousness so religion is just an idea formed by various people. 

Nowadays every religion is running a race to be more influential and powerful. Not only that, in the name of religion, but people also adopt abominable practices and faiths which inflict harm to the harmony of the universe.

There is only one doctrine for me that is emerging as a better being by nurturing other living beings, preaching peace, and becoming one with nature. We should strive to become more accepting and refrain ourselves from dragging each other down constantly. Religion ceases to have any importance if we can exist as a good individual. 

Even in the present scenario when the entire world is going through a global pandemic since the coronavirus outbreak, people are still following casteism which is appalling. 

Coronavirus does not obey any religion or differentiate amongst people before entering into their bodies. We are fighting something that we cannot see with our eyes. So according to me, religion arises from man-made customs and methods so I believe in no religion.

If we all can rise above our preconceived notion of religion and start to understand the truth of how nature functions, then harmony can be achieved.

Priyanka Roy
Priyanka Roy

Any special message you want to give our readers through The Voice of Woman

I want every woman to understand that we are so blessed to be a woman, to be born in this female body with this immense ability to give birth. The true essence of being a woman is not that you are more powerful, better, or have more potential than a man. 

It is not what femininity is all about. It is much more than just a mere comparison with another fellow human. It is about growing to be a balanced person and apprehending that you like others are a part of the cosmos with her own unique abilities and responsibilities. 

If you can think this way you will notice how beautiful life will evolve. Keep believing in yourself and be the change you yearn to witness in the world.