Have you decided to opt for a maternity shoot? Many expecting mothers think of it as an important step in the pregnancy process.

It’s a way to document those days leading up to the birth when each day feels important and full of potential, a time before so many things change.

It’s a good way to make some women feel more confident about their bodies, and also allows people to create valuable memories that they can look back on someday and show to their children.

If you’re new to this whole concept of maternity shoots and are considering it, here are some amazing maternity ideas.

1) Get professional help

Of course, you’ll probably hire a photographer to take the maternity photos, unless a family member or friend is helping you out. But you should also consider getting your makeup and hair professionally done if it matters to you.

You won’t have to worry about it yourself, it’ll make things much easier for the photographer, and you can feel totally confident and look fantastic.

Get a manicure and a pedicure if you like, too; use it as an occasion to spoil yourself before the baby comes.

2) Choose the right photographer

Go through the photographer’s portfolio closely before you make your final decision. Remember to pick a photographer whose visual style you like; either airy, or studio finish, or modern, so on.

Pick someone who’s at the right price point, but good photography can be pricey. Most importantly, make sure you’re comfortable around the photographer because it should be a smooth process for you.

Ask if there are any previous maternity shoots they’ve done and have a look at the maternity photos, and discuss ideas with them.  

3) Choose the right time for maternity shoot

Many sites recommend that the best time for a shoot is between 33-36 weeks of pregnancy. You’ll have that famous pregnancy glow and you probably won’t have any nausea or sickness.

Your baby bump will look beautiful and your energy levels will be much higher than they were before. Overall, it’s a great time to do it because you’ll look good and feel good, too. 

4) Pick a location

You’ll have many options to choose from when it comes to location. You could shoot indoors, where you’ll probably be the most comfortable, but you may have to adjust the lighting.

You could shoot outdoors, in a garden, for example, or a special location like a beach, but it depends on the weather and how long the sunlight will last. You could also choose a studio where everything is much more controlled. It depends on personal preferences and what you want to see in the final output. 

5) Select a nice maternity shoot dress

There’s something quite dramatic about maternity photo shoots; many pictures tend to look quite grand. Make sure you pick a nice outfit so the maternity photos will come out well.

You can go big and buy a really nice dress and show off your curves; long dresses are quite popular.

You can opt for more casual jeans and flowy tops. Wear what you’re comfortable in and what you think you look good in. You can bring along sentimental objects to the shoot, like your baby’s ultrasound picture.

6) Include your partner

While the maternity shoot is largely focused on the mother-to-be and there will be many shots of you individually, your partner should also be included.

Even if they don’t want to be in the photos, they can come along and see you have fun. It’ll make for a great memory someday.

If you have other children, you should bring them too, if you like, and make it an occasion that everyone will remember. They’ll have the photos to prove it. 

7) Try out some poses

Pose depending on what you’re okay with, but allow the photographer to give you ideas and don’t be closed off to experimentation.

The whole point of this is to savor the process and make some memories. Try out a few poses and see what you like; an experienced photographer will be able to help direct you.

If you’re on the fence about a maternity shoot, go ahead with it! There’s nothing to be lost in the process and you’ll gain some precious memories you can keep forever and show your baby the maternity pics someday.