Why do People do Prenuptial Agreements? 

Won’t it be awkward to talk about a prenup with your would-be husband? Relax!!! We are here with all the answers to these questions that you have been going through for long in your mind! First of all, let’s understand the very concept of a prenuptial agreement. Prenuptial agreement, something which is a determinant of your family’s financial structure in the longer run. It lays the very notion of focusing on all the post-marriage issues such as divorce alimony, inherited property, etc. The very idea behind having such an agreement is the fact that these things should be made clear quite before saying “I do”. Once you are into a marital structure, you do not just marry that person for platonic and carnal needs but you both pool your assets and liabilities to invest successfully in the capitalist structure. And when it’s a thing of such a heavy magnitude, why not take a wiser decision and put it on the table before it’s too late! 

As we can very well see, the current worldly structure is such that divorce rates are quite high as people are hurling towards the very idea of independence especially women. We hear dowry death’s offenses quite often these days. So, owing to these situational occurrences, it is definitely a wise consideration, to have your thoughts and ideas about finances well sought! It is an open card that we inhabit a patriarchal society in which prenuptial agreements don’t go down well. Recently, the concept has gone through a complete round of backlashes from media and critics. But one thing is imperative, that if it offends your spouse now, there’s no way you will be able to talk about it freely in the future! So, we hereby list down some reasons why prenuptial agreements are worthy of getting done. 

Best Reasons For Having A Prenuptial Agreement As A Woman

  • Expectations: It would be an add on if you understand each other’s expectations about things such as finances, investments, future goals, priorities, dreams, etc. Having understood each other’s expectations well, it becomes straightforward for two people to move on with each other for a lifetime.
  • Assets protection: These days women do not prefer to stay confined within the four walls of their house. They take charge to accumulate a huge amount of money and assets for their future. Having saved money for yourself, it won’t be wise if you don’t protect it from getting wasted. So, take a wise decision today and have you’re prenuptial signed up.
  • Independence and rights: Having earned and accumulated so much, there’s nobody who wants to let go off their hard-earned money. Also, the right retainment is a must. You earn to rightfully spend it according to your own wishes. So, this way too it is a good choice.
  • Premarital assets and gifts: As we all know of the renowned social evil called as dowry, a woman is never granted her rightful access to the premarital gifts, etc. To protect that, and to stop that from happening, it is a must to have this agreed upon beforehand.
  • Death or divorce: Events such as death or divorce of a spouse is uncertain as well as inevitable. In order to avoid clashes after that, it is always a better step to discuss these things prior. Things such as copyrights (if you own some copyright property together), stock options, licenses; all these need protection after the occurrence of such events.
  • Inheritance of property: If you have children from your previous marriage, then it should be well agreed upon as to where will your inherited property goes, whether those children will retain their rights or not? For such things too, it is imperative to have a prenuptial agreement.
  • Business ownership: There are couples who own a business together. And if you do, then discussing ownership before and after the dissolution of marriage is important.
  • Premarital debt: It’s important to discuss your premarital debts. It can be anything from losses to liabilities or from personal loans to a student loan. It should be kept in mind that these premarital things should not get in your way of post-marital peace.

Why It Is Important To Be An Investor As A Woman?

Here you should not just think of yourself as a woman or as a wife, in fact, you should consider your rights and take a step for that. Through that perspective, you will realize how beneficial, and easy it is to step in the investment arena. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics quotes that “more than 85% of women will lead a singleton life at a particular point of time owing to the current conditions.” Now if such an event holds a possibility of occurrence, we know very well that finances are something we will have to look after on our own. 

So, in such a situation isn’t it that a prenuptial is imperative? Introspect! According to many scientists, it is not the education that empowers us but the very idea of being in charge of our hard-earned money. Education is just a pathway to that. One can’t be completely independent by just understanding the social structure. But independence comes only by being an active agent in the same, by having access to economic stuff in the society! That’s way, it is an important consideration to have the idea of prenuptial belaid in front of your future spouse. 

Prenuptial Agreement
Prenuptial Agreement

When To Ask For A Prenuptial Agreement? 

It would be extremely wrongful if you discuss it just a week or a day before your marriage! These things are not a one-day deal, it’s an undercurrent thought process that you build right from the very beginning of your relationship. You hold independence and convenience to discuss these things if you both are perfect for each other. Anybody who wants to take a step forward in their relationship towards marriage should always have such things at the top of their priority list. So, after considering the facts mentioned above we hope you now understand the need for the same. Giving way to such things in a premarital zone is much more safe as well as wise for you as a woman. Always keep in mind- “If you are not comfortable enough to discuss it today, it won’t ever find it’s way tomorrow either”! 

Stay watchful, stay wise! 🎭