Your world is about to turn upside down in a matter of just 5 weeks. It has already been 35 weeks of your pregnancy and you have done exceptionally well. Kudos to you! After 5 more weeks, you would have a new member in your family and surely the most lovable one. You may now become your partner’s second most favorite person in the world, while your baby would happily take the first position. No doubt your baby is going to be an ace in such matters. 

With the baby’s arrival would come postpartum stress as well. Just like every pregnancy is different, postpartum also differs for everyone. The one thing that is surely going to happen is changes in your body. Pregnancy anyway transformed your body completely but it doesn’t get back as good as new after the baby’s arrival. 

Postpartum causes a lot of changes in your body, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Some women even fall prey to postpartum depression. Hence, it is important that you feel good about yourself and mentally prepare for possible changes that could take place postpartum. The happiness of your little human’s arrival would surely trump the sadness of postpartum though. 

Anyhow, start learning about the postpartum period as you are already 35 weeks pregnant now. 

Pregnancy Week: 35

The size of the baby at 35 weeks is similar to that of a honeydew melon. By the end of this week, your darling little one would be close to 18 inches (45.5 centimeters) in height and 5 1/2 pounds (2,527 grams) in weight, approximately. 

Pregnancy Week 35
Pregnancy Week 35

Your baby has grown quite big by the time you are 35 weeks pregnant. It would take a lot of room inside your uterus and have very little space to give you incessant kicks and elbow jabs now. Thus, your baby would now change its moving pattern. It would opt to wiggle and rolling inside your womb. The position of your baby’s head would be mostly down from now onwards, ready to slide out of your cervix in 5 more weeks.

Meanwhile, your baby would keep on gaining a few more pounds until birth. Your baby has become that plump and adorably chubby baby now. It would be irresistibly soft and delicate. Every ounce they gain during the last weeks of your pregnancy would make their skin less wrinkled. These ounces would add fat embedded beneath the baby’s skin. 

Your tiny Einstein’s brainpower is continuously developing and getting stronger. The last few 4-5 weeks of pregnancy are crucial for the baby’s brain development. During these weeks, the baby’s brain is developing at a rapid pace and adding some bulk to the body. A baby’s brain weight develop by one-third during this period of pregnancy until it is finally welcomed into your arms. 

35 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

As you step towards the final weeks of your pregnancy, the common pregnancy discomforts also tread hand in hand with you. You would be experiencing the usual pregnancy discomforts like Braxton Hicks contractions, fatigue, swelling, backaches, etc., that you have already been suffering in your third trimester. 

1. Headaches

Headaches during pregnancy can occur at any point in time, around the clock. It is a common pregnancy discomfort in the first and last trimester. Although, the reasons behind these headaches differ in both these trimesters. In the first trimester, the increased blood flow and surge in hormones trigger these headaches. However, in the third trimester, pregnancy headaches are majorly caused due to worsening posture, sleep issues, and stress. 

2. Trouble sleeping 

Most parents-to-be worry about their sleepless nights that would follow soon after their baby’s arrival. But the sad reality is that pregnant women start losing sleep way before welcoming their baby into this world. During the third trimester, the huge 35 week baby bump makes it difficult to get a comfortable sleeping position.

Plus, the constant urge to pee and trips to the washroom for the same makes it extremely difficult to even sleep a wink. On top of that, the heartburns, nasal congestion, and night sweats also add to the problems at night. 

According to studies, almost 78% complain about having trouble sleeping, and about 98% report that they are wide awake at night. Sometimes the anxiety or excitement about the nearing due date can also be the reason behind your sleepless nights. Don’t want to boast, but we already told ya! Hence, try preserving your sleep hours because once the baby arrives, you won’t get any sleep for sure. 

3. Frequent urination and urinary incontinence

This might feel like a déjà vu moment, all your first trimester discomforts making a solid comeback in your third trimester. The frequent trips to the toilet because your bladder can’t hold for long. However, this time around, the reason behind these toilet trips is your baby’s head position.

As we mentioned above, the baby’s head is pointed towards your cervix. This position of your baby constantly pokes the bladder and makes you want to pee most of the time.

35 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

When you are 35 weeks pregnant, the baby inside you has almost finished its fetal development. In a 35 weeks pregnant ultrasound scan, you would witness that the physical and facial features of your baby have formed completely. You would be able to notice its ears clearly in this scan. It looks exactly like a newborn that would arrive in a few weeks now.

Pregnancy Week 35
Pregnancy Week 35

Besides developing on the outside, your baby has also developed quite marvelously on the inside as well. It can now perform breathing, swallowing, and sucking activities. With the help of amniotic fluid, your baby has already learned inhaling and exhaling. Your little munchkin is all set to make an admirable entry in this world very soon. 

Some Self-Care Pregnancy Tips

Find a doula 

A doula is a woman that is trained to be a birth companion. She provides emotional support to laboring women. They know all about the breathing and relief techniques that are required during the birth of a child. They are not a midwife or a doctor, don’t confuse it with them. They provide you with emotional comfort during one of the most important and frightening time of your life, your child’s birth. Hence, start looking for one to support you. 

You have already been in trouble with this pregnancy and very soon your baby would arrive as well. With little time left on your hand, cut yourself some slack and rest. You may not be able to find some solitude after your junior version comes on the earth-side. So keep calm and rest while you still can!

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