Being 34 weeks pregnant may feel surreal because no matter how long you have had to get used to this, the closer the big day gets, the harder it is to believe it. This pregnancy was once a tiny dream that bloomed inside your heart, growing in your womb, until the day it will finally translate into reality.

With only 6 weeks left to go, your nerves and excitement may be at their peak. As much as you are anticipating that magical moment, remember to ground yourself in the present, so you can make the most of these last few weeks.

This week, a couple more changes may happen inside your body, such as a difference in the movement of your little one inside your 34 week baby bump. This because they have grown a lot in this time and no longer have as much space to do those cartwheels they love.

Don’t worry, they are still very comfortable, they just have to settle for stretching, squirming and wiggling, instead. Besides, within a few weeks, their world is going to so much bigger and they will have all the room to play around as much as they want!

Your baby can also hear your voice now, so don’t hesitate to talk or sing to them, because chances are that they make recognize these lullabies even when they are outside. Say all those warm and loving things you may have felt too embarrassed to say earlier because you deserve to be fully emotional after all that you have endured up till this point.

Size of the baby at 34 weeks

The size of the baby at 34 weeks is around 17.7 inches, weighing approximately 4.7 pounds, meaning that they are much bigger now that what they started with. The size of the baby at 34 weeks is around that of butternut squash. Most of the downy hair around the baby’s body, which is called lanugo, is disappearing. Some may still remain at birth but will go away soon after.

The baby’s pupils can now dilate and constrict in response to light. The lungs quite well-formed and if the baby is biologically male, their testicles will descent into the scrotum around this time. However, for some babies, this descent can happen after birth, too, so don’t worry.

The vernix caseosa which covers your baby’s body is thickening in this time, helping your baby regulate their body temperature, preventing water loss and helping in maintaining immunity as well. 

Your 34 week baby bump, when measured in fundal height (distance from the top of the uterus to the pelvic bone) should be around 32 to 36 centimetres. In case yours is bigger or smaller, it may be due to several reasons such as the baby being bigger or smaller than average or being in a different position such as breech or sideways. If your doctor finds your fundal height carrying from the normal, they may do a 34 weeks pregnant ultrasound to check on the baby.

Pregnancy Week 34
Pregnancy Week 34

Inside your belly, certain changes are happening, as the baby now has less room to move freely, which means that each action can now appear more pronounced. They will still be able to wiggle and stretch in that space.

The amniotic fluid is at its highest level in the time between week 34 and 36, so it will decrease as the baby grows, which may make you feel as if your belly isn’t growing significantly after this point. Your baby may also have descended lower towards your pelvis, easing the pressure on your lungs, but making frequent urination an annoying problem now.

34 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Gone are days of the early pregnancy symptoms, because now is the time for the final, late pregnancy symptoms which will probably linger to the end. Your 34 weeks pregnant symptoms may make you feel tired and drained because your body is experiencing its final changes now, which can take a toll on you. Remember to rest well and take care of yourself in this last lap toward the finish line, because the care you give now will give a boost to your healthy pregnancy journey.  

Here are the 34 weeks pregnant symptoms which you may experience: 

1. Blurred vision

Blurred vision during pregnancy can be caused due to a variety of reasons such as the buildup of fluid, hormones, lack of proper sleep at night. This is usually a normal pregnancy symptom, but in case it is accompanied by swelling, rapid weight gain, headache, etc. you should call your doctor immediately to have it checked out. 

2. Constipation

Constipation is another annoying digestive pregnancy symptom, which can make you spend longer on the toilet then you wish. We understand how uncomfortable this might be, but you can try to relieve it by eating foods rich in fibre, drinking water as well as doing some walking. 

3. Haemorrhoids

When you spend time straining during bowel moments as a result of constipation, it can cause haemorrhoids on your anal region. To ease this symptom, try relieving measures for constipation, consider getting a sitz bath,  while also trying different sitting and standing positions which can make things more comfortable for that area.

4. Fatigue

As beautiful as your 34 week baby bump looks, it can be exhausting to carry the weight of it all the time, while also dealing with the nerves and physical symptoms. Try getting rest, even if sleep is hard to catch and build a soothing, relaxing mood around yourself. 

5. Edema

The increase in body fluids can lead to accumulation in the tissues which causes swollen feet, ankles and hands. Don’t remain standing or sitting for long periods and try to keep your feet elevated to ease this symptom. In case of sudden or severe swelling, make sure to call your OB immediately. 

6. Pressure on the abdomen

As your baby drops from around your ribs to near your pelvis, you can feel more of pressure there, along with frequent urination as a result.

7. Braxton-Hicks Contractions

Those irregular practice contractions are common during this period, but make sure you know how to differentiate them from actual labor pains. These contractions come and go without a pattern, not growing stronger and closer with time. It is good to call your OB in case you feel pelvic pain, just to be on the safer side. 

In case your experience regular contractions that grow stronger with time, vaginal bleeding, lower back pain, etc. make sure to call your OB immediately.

34 weeks pregnant Ultrasound

You are probably seeing your OB this week and they may order for a biophysical profile, which is a combination of a 34 weeks pregnant ultrasound and a special non-stress test in which your baby’s heartbeat is measured for 20 minutes. Through this, the doctor ascertains that the baby is doing fine, while also reacting well to stress.

Pregnancy Week 34
Pregnancy Week 34

From week 36, you will most likely have to see your OB every week. You may have to schedule a Group B strep test around that time, where a vaginal and rectal swab will be taken to test you for Group B strep bacteria. 

There are only a few final procedures to finish as your due date draws closer and it won’t be long before you are holding your baby close to your bosom.

Self-Care Tips for being 34 Weeks Pregnant

This close to the finish line, it is important to go over your weekly checklist to make sure that you haven’t been skipping on any points. At this point, self-care is most essential, both for you and your baby.

Healthy diet

In these last few miles, make sure that your diet stays as nutritional as ever, along with sufficient water intake and continuing with prenatal vitamins. Try to go for healthier food instead of the spicy and greasy options to avoid aggravating pregnancy heartburn. 

Write baby shower Thank You notes

If you have had a baby shower, then you have probably been showered with lots of love and special gifts. Now, it is time to thank the people around for making such a special moment even more memorable. If you find yourself free enough in this week, prepare thank-you cards expressing your gratitude for the gift as well as the support of the sender.

Read about labor

If you have been anxious about the responsibility on your end during delivery, familiarize yourself with the birthing process by reading up on what to do during labor and discussing all the questions you have with your doctor.

Finish all the last-minute hospital paperwork if anything is left and also talk about labor pain management options with your doctor if you haven’t ye. Remember that not everything will go as you plan, but that doesn’t always have to be scary. Trust your loved ones and doctors to take care of you and above all, trust yourself.

Knowing that you are so close to the final step can be intimidating, but remind yourself that you have had your back all these months and you sure won’t be stopping anytime soon. We. at The Voice Of Woman, are here to listen to any feelings that you may want to share as you walk these last miles of your pregnancy journey.