Being precautious while consuming food? Are you worried because you have suffered from food poisoning, or are you like this only, being on the safe side always? Well, that is a good thing if you are being so concerned about your health safety. Food poisoning can attack you when you consume things that are contaminated with germs. They are generally not so life-threatening, and most probably you will recover within a few days but still, it is about your immune system so you should pay heed. 

Food Poisoning Can Happen If Your Food

  • Is not cooked or heated thoroughly
  • Is left out for a long time without covering
  • Is not stored properly
  • Is handled by someone who is ill or with unwashed hands
  • Is consumed after the expiry date

Symptoms of Food Poisoning

  • Sick feeling (nausea): you will not feel good from inside and would feel like sleeping.
  • Puking
  • Tiredness: your body will lose the strength from inside, you will feel weak and would get tired very soon.
  • Diarrhea
  • A rise in your body temperature: you will have a fever and your body temperature will shot up surpassing 38-degree celsius
  • Stomach ache: your stomach will pain badly which will hamper all your health

Note: If you notice the above symptoms then take care of your food consumption. Taking care at home would make you healthy again in just 2-3 days. If you do not see any improvement in your health or if it is not getting normal, approach a doctor and have a proper checkup. Follow the medication as directed by your doctor. Never leave your medical course in between or else the medicines would stop helping you. 

Simple Ways To Prevent Food Poisoning

To prevent the chances of food poisoning, you have to concentrate on every minute thing. The basic of all to prevent food poisoning is to maintain good hygiene.

  • Wash your hands properly

Always wash your hands before touching the food with your hands. Wash with cold or hot water with soap, and let it dry completely. You should also wash your hands after touching dust bins, animals, blowing nose and after going to the toilet 

  • Wash your dishes and cutlery with detergent

Use a good detergent that kills all the germs and bacteria, leaving the dishes clean and hygiene. 

Food Poisoning
Food Poisoning
  • Clean your worktop after work

Always clean your worktop before starting to cook and after you finish cooking. You need to wash your slab especially when you deal with raw food, such as raw meat, raw eggs, poultry, dairy, etc. This will maintain your kitchen hygiene. You don’t have to spray detergent, just normal water wash would be okay.

  • Wash the dishcloths

Do not use dirty dishcloths to soak up the wet dishes. This will futile the impact of washing the dishes. Using a dirty dishcloth will make it even harmful and unhygienic. Use dried dishcloths to wipe the utensils which prevent food poisoning

  • Store raw meat at the bottom of your refrigerator

You need to maintain good food storage. Check this link to know the proper storage of food at home. 

  • Cook food properly

It is mandatory to cook your food thoroughly. Uncooked food leaves germs and bacteria that may be harmful to your health. Make sure you cook the raw items such as meat, fish, poultry until it is steaming hot.

  • Keep raw meat safe and separate

You should be careful that you don’t mix raw meat with ready to eat food items. Raw items contain a lot of bacteria that may get transmitted to the ready to eat food items. Hence, it is always better to keep them in separate spaces.

  • Pay heed to expiry dates:

Don’t take ‘last day of use’ likely. Take it seriously and use food before the last date. These are some of the preventions that you can adopt to stay away from food poisoning. Being careful about your health is your duty, so I would like to suggest you, to follow the above-mentioned small precautions and make them your habit. Lastly, the only thing that I’ll say again and again is ‘STAY HEALTHY’.

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