Are you getting married and have a dream of having a pre-wedding shoot at a romantic place? Are you having a hard time searching for your pre-wedding shoot destinations? Well, we are here to tell you that there are a variety of pre-wedding shoot locations available to create some unforgettable moments with the love of your life.

Nothing is more romantic than capturing you and your loved one’s moments and relishing the beautiful memories after you get married. So, are you searching for a pre-wedding shoot destinations ideas? Read on to discover some of the best places for pre-wedding shoot. 

Best Places for Pre-Wedding Shoot

Here are the places given below for pre-wedding shoot:

Ubud, Bali

Ubud is an epicentre of art and culture. Couples who cherish nature, love art and healthy food, explore different cultures and creativity, this is one of the best places for pre-wedding shoot. There are so many wonderful ancient temples to take a fleeting glance while you are riding on a rented scooter with the love of your life. The food is considered extraordinary here. 

Glimpsing and cherishing the nature around you will make you never leave this place. At night, this place becomes extra gorgeous and fascinating. Having a pre-wedding shoot here at night would be an amazing idea. 

Venice, Italy

Venice is the perfect and the most romantic place to have a pre-wedding shoot. You can do little charming things here which oozes your romantic experience. It is situated in Europe, which is regarded to have the most elegant places, especially for couples.

Pre-Wedding Shoot
Pre-Wedding Shoot

You can capture some great moments on Gondola Ride, Alberoni Beach, St. Marks Square and so many other places with your to-be wife or husband.  It is undoubtedly the best and romantic place to express your love.


The Maldives is situated between the southwest of India and Sri Lanka. The white-sand beaches, marine life and crystal clear blue sea make this place an incredible place to have a pre-wedding shoot. You can capture you and your love snorkeling here together, it would be so unique and a different experience if you don’t like the cliche of having a shoot on this extremely romantic place. Although, it is a combo of a romantic plus fun place to be with your partner. 

Rajasthan, India

India is extremely famous for its tremendous variety of culture, food and art. You’ll find a numerous amount of pre-wedding shoot destination ideas in Rajasthan. Some of them include The Samode Palace, The Oberoi Udaivilas, Taj Umaid Bhavan Palace and so many other places. If you and your partner love royalty and cultural compositions, you’re going to adore this place. It is an incredible duo of culture and romance. The culture and food here will make you fall in love with this place. 

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, located in Greece is well-known as the island of love. The stunning iconic blue domes, pristine white walls, sparkling waters and clear blue skies make this a place the most beautiful and passionately romantic to have a pre-wedding shoot.

Pre-Wedding Shoot
Pre-Wedding Shoot

The sunsets, wine tasting and walks here make you fall in love with this place. With its reputation for dazzling buildings, romantic sunsets and volcanic sand beaches, it’s on every couples’ bucket list.

Paris, France

Paris, the city of Love might be the best option for you to have a pre-wedding shoot. This is one of the most obvious pre-wedding shoot destination ideas. Roaming around the stunning Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, Paris Carousel and The Pont Alexandre III, or even grabbing a quick bite from a nearby cafe can be so romantic. The vibrations, atmosphere and ambience of the beautiful dwelling make it worth a travelling place for couples. You can have the most romantic pictures of you and your partner. So don’t forget to put this place in your pre-wedding shoot destination bucket list.

Kyoto, Japan

Japan is known for its pretty and romantic places. The incredible and colorful landscapes of Kyoto makes it an amazing place to spend time with your loved one. A perfect place to walk around the botanical gardens and relishing the beauty of the colorful landscapes.

Pre-Wedding Shoot
Pre-Wedding Shoot

The best time to visit this place is spring. You get to see a lot of different colours in one place which makes it worth to have a visit once in your lifetime. The romantic boat ride is the best attraction of this place. You and your partner can get a lot of beautiful moments captured here together.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Romantics from around the world appreciate Bora Bora. The crystal blue waters, the pretty lagoons of green and turquoise colours will make you fall in love at first sight. There are so many pretty villas and activities to do like scuba diving, helmet diving, fishing, cruising etc. will make your stay worth. You can get the amazing shoot done here. An ideal romantic place for couples, one of the most romantic places for a pre-wedding shoot. 

Northern Lights, Iceland

The northern lights in Iceland are the most stunning display of coloured lights shimmering across the sky which makes it a perfect place for couples to have a pre-wedding shoot. The best time to see the sky is when the sky is darkest.

Pre-Wedding Shoot
Pre-Wedding Shoot

You can take perfect pictures clicked while you kiss each other below the beautiful sky. Iceland is the best place to visit during winter. The winter makes this place a wonderland. If you are a couple who love snow or beautiful skies, then this is the place you might wanna go. 

Jammu & Kashmir, India

Jammu & Kashmir which is the most beautiful place in India. The beautiful greenery with a lovely background filled with snowy mountains makes it the most romantic pre-wedding shoot spot. The river valleys, snowy heaps and every spot here are worth a visit, especially for couples. Getting your pre-wedding shoot done here would be an amazing idea. 

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, a port city of South Africa. Famous for its towering mountains, ostrich-dotted grasslands stretch connecting villages, monkey-filled forests line makes this an exotic place to have a pre-wedding shoot. Couples who love wildlife, animals and love having adventures together then this place is their thing. 

Pre-Wedding Shoot
Pre-Wedding Shoot

These are some most romantic places for pre-wedding shoot based on your interests and what you both love. 

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