101 Pre Holi Routine: Be Holi-Ready With This Essential Skincare Routine

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Pre Holi Routine
Supriya Singh
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Pre Holi Routine!!!It is almost time for one of the most fun-filled Indian Festivals, Holi. It is a different kind of fun and joy, playing with the colours, water guns, water balloons. Some of us go crazy with the colours making us unrecognizable on the very next day. 

Nowadays, the colors sold for Holi are artificial, low quality with some metal content. Such colors cause undesirable skin outbreaks which we regret later. For that reason, organic colors are recommended to play it safe. 

The question is, does everyone use organic colours? Obviously, no and you can’t do anything about it. 

But you can do one thing to keep away those pimple outbreaks and avoid a bad hair day if you follow this simple and essential Pre Holi routine skincare

Pre Holi Routine – Skincare

If Holi is your favourite festival and you love to fool around with colors then follow these pre holi routine for skin:

1. Oiling is a Must

This is a mandatory step in your pre holi skincare routine. The most effective oil which you can use is coconut oil or mustard oil. Apply a thick layer of oil all over your skin and your hair thoroughly.

What oil does is, it doesn’t allow the skin pores to get clogged with the colours and it doesn’t make the hair dry and frizzy. Also, it is important to apply oil for at least one hour before you go to play. Your pre holi routine should have oiling on the top of the list so that you can protect your hair from damage caused by colours.

2. Sunscreen

After oiling, apply waterproof sunscreen on your face and neck. Sunscreens are advisable because mostly we play Holi under the sun for hours in the open. You don’t want to get a bad tan, right?

3. Nail Polish is a Boon in Times of Holi

After a fun-filled Holi, we get stuck with colored nails and cuticles which are hard to remove. You can simply avoid this if you apply a dark shade nail polish. 

4. Protect Your Lips

Your lips need some armour as well prior to Holi. Moisturize your lips with a good lip balm. Dry lips are a big NO in Holi. 

Pre Holi Routine – Outfit Ideas

Choose a top wear and lowers which will cover all your skin. Say yes to long pants, full sleeves, and high necks if impossible. 

Wearing new clothes on Holi is a total waste. Go through your closet and make use of the clothes which you no longer wear. Add this to your pre holi routine so that you can select the outfit before the festival.

In case your skin feels some irritation while playing Holi, wash off the colours asap.

5. Add Some Swag With Sunglasses

Pre Holi Routine

Complete your Holi look with a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are necessary for the protection of our eyes. We all have some crazy friend who just throws colours on our eyes which is very irritating. This is where sunglasses serve its purpose of protecting our eyes. 

In case the colours get into your eyes, rinse your eyes immediately with normal water. 

6. Try the Eco-Friendly Holi 

Adopt an eco-friendly way to play Holi this year. Celebrations are important and keeping the culture alive is also essential. But this doesn’t mean we should celebrate in a reckless manner. Mostly after festivals, we litter a lot which is bad especially for the environment.

With the rise in pollution, we should do our part as well on curbing the issue. You must be thinking how can I play Holi in an eco-friendly way?

7. Use Herbal Colours

Nowadays, herbal colours are available in the market. The products are a bit pricey compared to normal colours used in Holi. But it is worth it. 

You can also try using natural colours extracted from fruits and veggies. Go natural all the way. You feel great and plus going totally natural is so good  for the skin as well. 

8. Celebrate a Dry Holi

We have alternatives for fossil fuels in case it ever gets exhausted. But there is no alternative for water, is there? So, using water while playing Holi should be minimized and discouraged. I suggest, play only with dry colours. This way, it will be less messy for everyone.

Moreover, many children fall sick after playing Holi because they get totally drenched while playing with water guns and water balloons. Honestly speaking, water balloons are unnecessary and are just a contribution to the increasing plastic pollution. This is just unacceptable if you see from nature’s point of view.

9. Holi with Flowers

Now, this is some cute way to play Holi, isn’t it? Playing with colours, be it herbal or any other quality will have some bad effect on your skin. Include flower petals instead of colours and play a safe and pretty Holi.

10. Improvise the Holi Bonfire

Enjoy the Holi bonfire in a different way this time. Instead of burning firewood for the bonfire, use waste flammable in nature such as cartons, coconut coir, cow dung and so on. Using firewood means cutting down trees. In such times of huge climate change, cutting trees should be avoided at all costs. So, opt for the option which is good for the environment.

pre holi routine

Following customs and traditions is fine and necessary to grow as a community. But it should be celebrated in a proper way and responsibly.

So, these are a few tips and tricks that you can try this Holi and enjoy to the fullest while keeping your skin protected. Don’t forget to stay hydrated at all times this Holi. 

Have Fun and Happy Holi©

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