Amongst the endless number of oils gifted by nature, sesame oil has its own special place. There are thousands of sesame oil benefits. Also known as the ‘Queen of Oilseeds’ sesame oil is derived from the seeds of flowering sesame plant. Not only used for cooking but it is also used for various other purposes too and is known to be very healthy. It has a rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Packed with other rich nutrition, sesame oil can be used for so many other purposes. From healthy hair to healthy skin to various other health benefits, sesame oil is one for all. 

Let us get deeper into the various sesame oil benefits:

Sesame Oil Benefits – Is Sesame Oil Good For Hair?

Having rich components of magnesium, Vitamin E, B complex, calcium protein and phosphorus, this oil is a true potion for our hair. Here are some benefits of sesame oil for hair:

1. Hair Healing

Today’s generation is obsessed with experimenting with hair. From so many different hair colors to so many different treatments, we are taking regular trips to the salon for different makeovers. Using so many chemicals of the hair damages the real quality of hair and takes away the essential nutrients. Since sesame oil is rich in so many different nutrients like magnesium, omega 3, and phosphorus, it gives back its health which gets lost due to treatments. So if your hair is chemically treated, you must use sesame oil twice a week to keep them healthy. There are several other sesame oil benefits for hair treatments as it gives shine and lustre to the treated hair.

2. Sun Damage

Sun is the biggest enemy of the hair. With the intense heat and UV rays, our hair can get extremely damaged. Sun can make our hair dry, frizzy, grey and can also cause dandruff and hair fall. Sesame oil acts as a protective layer to our hair. It protects the hair from harmful rays and lets it retain its natural moisture. 

3. Hair Lice and Bacteria

Due to pollution, heat, and lack of cleanliness, our hair is attacked by bacteria or lice. The hair lice problem is quite common with school-going kids. Sesame oil is the solution to this problem. 

4. Dandruff

Every second person complains about dandruff problems and that leads to hair fall too. Dandruff is usually the result of a dry and flaky scalp. Using sesame oil on the scalp keeps dandruff at bay and hence reduces hair fall. The best solution to dandruff is sesame oil twice a week. 

5. Moisture Lock and Shine

We all have busy lives. Our lifestyle and atmosphere is the reason for dry and dull hair. It is important that we give our hair extra care with a simple step. Sesame oil is the solution to this. Massaging your roots and hair length with sesame oil one hour before wash will retain moisture in the hair and will also make it shiny. 

Sesame Oil Benefits
Sesame Oil Benefits

Sesame Oil Benefits – For Skin

Just like our hair, sesame oil is great for our skin problems too. With regular use, you will see all the benefits of sesame oil for skin. Let us know how:

1. For Baby Skin

A new born’s skin is very soft and needs extra care. One must indulge in the habit of massaging the body of the child before bathing. Sesame oil is the right choice of oil you can use. It gets nicely absorbed in the skin and ensures that the baby’s skin remains soft and it gets all the essential nutrients. You should follow a proper skincare routine to get the perfect baby skin.

2. Premature Aging

If you are someone too busy for anti-aging face care then we have the solution for you. After washing your face every morning and evening, apply two-three drops of sesame oil on your face and massage gently. Sesame oil is a great anti-aging formula for women developing fine lines and wrinkles. This is one of the best benefits of sesame oil for skin.

3. Natural Sunscreen

If your sunscreen bottle has emptied or if you are someone who doesn’t like to put chemical-based sunscreen on your face then sesame oil is the right option for you. It acts as a natural skin protection from the UV rays. So the next time you step out in the sun, you can blindly trust sesame oil.

4. Dead Skin

Due to lifestyle and climate change our skin cells are dead some time. Some women also complain of cracked and painful heels. Sesame oil is great medicine for all these problems. It removes dead skin cells in no time and also heals cracked heels and makes it super soft on regular use. 

Sesame Oil Benefits
Sesame Oil Benefits

Sesame Oil Benefits – For Health

Not just to beautify your skin and hair, sesame oil is very healthy if added in a regular diet. Let us know how:

1. Diabetes

Adding sesame oil in your diet helps to manage the plasma glucose levels in hypertensive diabetic adults. Not just good for diabetes but also to control high blood pressure. It is a traditional way and not scientific. 

2. Heart Problems

Unlike ghee or any other refined oil, sesame oil is heart-friendly. Cooking food in sesame oil lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. So switch to sesame oil for cooking your meal. 

3. Bone Health

Copper and calcium in sesame oil are great for healthy bones. It is also useful in healing and regrowth of bones. From toddler’s soft bones to aged people’s weakening bones, sesame oil is healthy for all.

4. Boosts Circulation and Metabolism

Consuming sesame oil regularly is healthy for blood circulation and metabolism too. The high copper content in sesame oil means that the body can function at its optimal levels because copper is must for production of red blood cells. 

How to Use Sesame Oil For Maximum Benefit?

Sesame oil is not an essential oil so it doesn’t need a carrier oil for usage. It is important to find 100% organic sesame oil with no ingredients and chemicals. For skin and hair, it can be used directly or after warming it for enhanced benefits. For edible purposes either it can be used like cooking oil or an essence too. 

Sesame oil is one of the best oils out there for health, skin, and hair. Now you know about all the sesame oil benefits and sesame oil uses so high time you buy it today and start using it. You will love using it.

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