Yoga is one of the healthiest ways to fitness. Keeping aside all the harsh work out routines like gym, aerobics, Zumba, and running, yoga is softer and more effective. It not only promises physical well being but takes care of our mental health too. Yogic exercises are best to make you fit, to increase your flexibility, your immunity, your energy levels and gives you peace of mind. It is a  complete package. 

Yogic exercises are many but there are different forms to it as well. One such form is power yoga which is the new modern-day yoga. It is a more vigorous and fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga. It is the new stream of yoga or one can call it a fusion of yoga and gym. Let us get to know more about this new fitness route.

What is Power Yoga?

Power yoga is a bit different from regular yoga. It incorporates the athleticism of Ashtanga style yoga. It is said to be the contemporary style of yoga which focuses on strength and flexibility along with concentration on breath and mind. This yoga style is more athletic and active and was born in the USA where the gym and aerobics people wished to do yoga but in a different style of their own. So from the Ashtanga style yoga, they created a new version that is now called the power yoga. 

Benefits of Doing Power Yoga

Like any other form of yogic practice, it is filled with immense benefits which are listed below:

  • Immunity booster: Everyone wishes to have an illness-free life and that can only be achieved if our immunity is strong enough to fight against any diseases. Power yoga is very helpful in boosting our immunity. It stimulates the lymphatic system which makes sure that the toxins are removed from the body. It reduces stress hormones and boosts digestion by full utilization of healthy food that we eat. These thing together will promote a healthy immune system.
  • Tones the body: Who doesn’t want a nice toned up physique practicing power yoga will make your body slim and all toned up. It enhances your personality by improving your body posture and will give an accurate structure.
  • Boosts energy level: Practicing power yoga will boost your energy levels by 10times. Every day you will feel all charged up and ready to go. It will make you feel less fatigued and energy less. It helps to obtain all the nutrients from the food we eat and provides the body with adequate energy it requires.
  • Hormone regulation: Women have quite a lot of hormonal issues. Practicing power yoga regulates the hormones and we do not have to depend on medicines for hormones. Hormones are responsible for adequate body and mind functioning so it is very important for these hormones to stay intact. This yoga helps greatly with that.
  • Flexibility: Power yoga incorporates a series of poses that help to increase strength and flexibility. It opens up stiff muscles and makes the body bendier. Higher flexibility and strength means fewer muscles and joint pains.
  • Detoxification: The yoga nicely detoxifies the body by boosting the digestive system. It encounters the problem of constipation and gas. Carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and lymphatic fluids are flushed out of the body while practicing this yoga.
  • Reduces stress: This yoga aims at breathing and mindful exercises as well, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Breathing exercises calm the mind and other poses work on hormone regulation hence making it helpful in relieving all the stress and tension.
Power Yoga
Power Yoga

What is the difference between Yoga and Power Yoga?

Traditional Yoga and power yoga are the two sides of the same coin. Here are some of the main points of difference between the two:

  • Speed of practice: Since power yoga is a contemporary form of yoga it is quiver than regular yoga. In traditional form, yoga poses are carried out slowly with slow movements of body parts but in this yoga, there is a steady flow and a structured rhythm.
  • Point of focus: In traditional yoga, the instructors pay special attention to each asana with every body part being placed in a certain manner. Movement is slow and steady in normal yoga with utmost perfection. On the other hand, in power yoga, there is speed and rhythm which makes it difficult for the performer to be 100% accurate. Therefore this type of yoga focuses on body movements.
  • Mental stability: Traditional yoga focuses on each posture with special attention to the breath. This increases the mental stability and increases mental strength. Power yoga involves rapid movements with less concentration on mental stability.
  • General focus: While yoga on one hand focuses on internal as well an external well being, power yoga, on the other hand, is more vigorous and focuses majorly on the physical aspect of the body and not on internal health. This yoga is more like a cardio routine.

Is Power Yoga good for Beginners?

You must be wondering if power yoga is good for beginners? The answer is yes but with a few conditions applied. If you are a person who wasn’t yet involved in any workout till yet and would like to begin with this yoga then you must think twice. Power yoga is a rigorous work out involving the entire body. The ones entering for the first time into the workout world would prefer something more slow-paced workout like traditional yoga where you can slowly make your way through. 

But still, if this level of beginner still wishes to try this yoga then he/she must be well aware of everything well in advance. If you are someone involved in some kind of physical exercise like gym or aerobics or traditional yoga, and you wish to begin power yoga then you are more than welcome. It is nice to try different workouts and witness different outcomes. You must learn this new contemporary form of yoga and enjoy it

Power Yoga
Power Yoga

How to start Doing Power Yoga?

Power yoga like any other workout is a specialized form of physical activity. It needs to be learned from a professional instructor. It has its own set of techniques and poses which are different from traditional yoga. Do not try to do it by yourself. Indulging in some physical workout is very important for our well-being. This yoga is one such workout that is highly beneficial and fun to do. 

So what are you thinking, indulge in a power yoga class today and witness the transformation? 

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