In all sweaty and humid days of Summers, Children just do not wish to step out of the house, except for one place to spend their summertime: The Swimming pool. Children love playing in and with the water and always wish to spend their time near the pool. Pools can be quite fascinating for children and for that matter, even for adults. The Blue cold water that gives relief to your body on a humid sunny day is unbeatable satisfaction. However, this fun day at the pool kids desire can also be dangerous. Here are the precautions and warnings that go far beyond teaching your children not to run near the pool. 

Tips to Make Pool Fun For Kids

So let’s get into the 12 most important considerations you need to keep in mind next time you go visit the pool.

1. Sunscreen Is A Must For Pool

Never let your children go in the pool without applying sunscreen (SPF 30) on their whole bodies. It also should be applied to them before wearing the swimsuit. According to Skin Cancer Foundation. If you apply the same instant as soon as children are about to get to the pool, it might be too late for its optimal usage.

2. Don’t Forget The Floaties

This is a known thing, wearing arm floaties. It is usually easy to rely on the floaties to not let your child drown in the pool and cut off much of your attention period. However, do not rely on these Floaties completely as they could be tossed out in seconds by children and they can slip under the water and you wouldn’t hear a sound. So take care of your kids regardless of the precautions that shouldn’t be completely relied upon.

3. Dry Up The Ears

It is this tiny thing that could be so big if not paid attention to! As Swimming leads to wet ears, many parents are oblivious to how significant it is to dry their kid’s ears while they come out from the pool or between breaks. Ear infections are highly common and to prevent the same, try tilting your child’s head to drain out the water and then make use of a towel to dry them out completely.

4. Supervision in the kiddie area

Take care of your children. Especially when they enter the section filled with water sprouting toys and fun as the area is prone to slip and spills due to the slimy and puddled ground.  Also, as the water sprouted is usually recycled and if it contains parasites or bacteria and your kids accidentally while playing gulp in some, it could lead to diarrhea and vomiting.

Pool Tips For Kids
Pool Tips For Kids

5. Sharing Isn’t That Good

Sharing is Caring, as we teach our kids. But at times, this sharing can be infectious. Sharing goggles can lead to a viral skin infection called molluscum contagiosum and can be easily spread in children. One of the ways of its transmission is through sharing personal things, like goggles or other pool items.

6. Hot Tubs?

Hot tubs can be a breeding ground for respiratory diseases, not only is it easy for young kids to drown in the hot tub, but it could also cause infections like Legionnaires’ disease due to breathing in the mist. Though it is rarely found in children and they might only go through mild symptoms but it is always better to check and take care of things beforehand!

7. Not A Relaxation Period

Parents often find the period their children swim as free time or relaxation period as if there is an emergency they might hear a yell or splash and hence, just look after their children after some time. However this is not true, drowning is usually silent. So always keep an eye on them and stay vigilantly alert

8. Gulping The Pool’s Water 

If your child inhales the water in the pool it would not only be consisting of harmful bacteria but could also block their airway and cause them to suffer from dry drowning, which can lead to choking.

Pool Tips For Kids
Pool Tips For Kids

9. Pool Toys may be Harmful?

The pool toys you bring for your kids like bathing rings and inflatables can be apprehensive. These toys might have a high concentration of harmful chemicals like carcinogens. So to make sure the toys are safe, smell the same- the most harmful might smell like plastic,  rubber, or glue.

10. The blue water

Water in the pool could consist of a high amount of chlorine which can cause difficulty in breathing, coughing, and even vomiting. Try finding a pool that uses salt filters or UV filters as it would contain a lesser amount of chlorine.

11. Beware of Filters

Things with less probability should never be ignored. Though less probability, it always is important to consider it.  The water filters can be a threat to safety, you can always teach your children to steer clear of them.

12. Water in Shallow Area

Don’t let your children swallow the water in the shallow area as it could lead them to a higher risk of acute gastrointestinal illness as shallow-water sections tend to be more contaminated. 

Pool Tips For Kids
Pool Tips For Kids

So these are some of the small, important considerations you might want to take into account before rushing into the pool in summers. While, these might be rare, less probable phenomenons that could happen but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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