When you come across the words Polar Bear shot that does not mean a shot fired from a gun or a picture taken from a camera, instead it refers to a cocktail drink that has no connection with the heavy inhibitors of the arctic region, except that it is an extreme cold weather drink. Served in a shot glass, this cocktail is prepared by mixing sweet alcoholic liqueur, chocolate flavor creme de cocoa, and mint-flavored distilled spirit. Sometimes peppermint schnapps and vodka are also added. If you are looking for drinks that you can make yourself for the Christmas or New year party then the polar bear drink is a great cocktail for those winter parties. The best thing about this drink is that you only need two ingredients to prepare it and it will be ready to serve. 

Polar Bear Shots Recipe

A polar bear shot is prepared by mixing two flavors that are chocolate and mint. Most often, this shot is prepared by mixing peppermint schnapps and white creme de cocoa. If you want to make this drink in a particular flavor then you can do that easily, just mix it in. 

Ingredients for Polar Bear Shots

To make a Polar Bear shot you would need the following ingredients: 

  1. Peppermint Schnapp
  2. Crème de cacao liqueur


Before you start making the drink you need to keep certain things in mind that will help you make the drink even better. So get your notebooks to jot down these simple tricks that will make your drink an instant hit at your parties. 

  • Preparing the glasses

So to make the polar bear drink right, you have to make sure you do everything important. So in the process of preparing the drink, you must prepare the glasses as well. No, it does not mean the garnishing, before you put in the drink, you have to make sure that the drink is ice cold. To do that you should make the glasses as cold as possible too. So before the making, keep the shot glasses in your freezer 15-20 minutes to make them as cold as possible. This is perfect for this arctic-themed drink. 

  • Choice of Liquors

The success of the drink, not just depends on how you mix the ingredients or how you present them. To make your drinks a success you have to make sure that the choice of your liqueurs is the best. The drinks or the brands you choose for your drink affect the look and taste of your drinks. 

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Since polar bear drink only requires two drinks, you must choose them wisely. A white creme de cacao is clear in texture and it has a fine cacao flavor. A dark creme de cacao that is dark in color and tastes like dark chocolate is not the right pick for the drink. Peppermint schnapps has a high alcoholic content and a strong minty taste. If you want your drink to taste sweeter then you should add creme de menthe instead. 

  • Adding some Vodka

If you want to intensify the drink then you can also add vodka to it. Adding vodka does not mean that the polar bear shot changes the taste, it provides the same chocolate-mint flavor. If you want to make it with vodka, then just remember to add all the drinks in similar portions and it will be ready. 

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How to Make a Polar Bear Shots? 

The process you need to follow to make a Polar Bear drink is very simple and easy to prepare: 

1. Get all the things you need 

Before you start making the polar bear drink, you should keep all the things that you will need in the process ready. You don’t want to run around while you are making a drink, right? So you need only two ingredients: a Creme de Cacao and a Creme de mint or a Peppermint Schnapp. Apart from this, you need a cocktail shaker to mix in all the ingredients. Also, make sure to keep the shot glasses in the freezer to prepare them before you pour in the drink. 

2. Pour the Liqueurs

Next in the steps to prepare a polar bear shot is added in the ingredients. To measure the quantity you want to add, based on how many people you are serving. Add some ice cubes to the cocktail shaker and then pour the liqueurs into it and close the lid. 

3. Mix well

This might sound very simple but this is one of the most important steps to preparing a polar bear drink. You have to make sure that both the liquors have mixed well to get the perfect peppermint-chocolate flavor. By using a shaker you will be sure that it is mixed well. If you do not have a shaker with you then you can use a bar spoon to mix them well, but this takes some time to do the job.

4. Strain and pour into the shot glass

Now take the chilled shot glasses out of the freezer. Take the lid off from the shaker and by using a strainer, strain it right into the icy glasses. Enjoy this arctic-themed drink while it is super cool. 

Variations of Polar Bear Shots

A polar bear drink is usually prepared in the chocolate mint flavor but that does not mean you can experiment with this one. There are so many variations that you can try out for this drink. 

  • Blue Curaçao/lime juice, Vodka, and Clear Soda
  • White chocolate creme, Peppermint Schnapps, and Vodka
  • Dark Rum, Red Vermouth, Lime Juice or orange juice, and some soda.

A Polar Bear drink is a drink that people would love at your parties and a simple one that you can switch up and change by changing the ingredients. If you do not want to serve it as shots then you can serve it in a cocktail glass with some mint leaves as garnish. You can even serve it on the rocks or without in a shot glass. 

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