You must have heard about Plogging in recent times. But what is this Plogging exactly, and why is it trending? In 2019, Prime minister Narendra Modi shared a short clip of him performing Plogging on the beach of Mamallapuram to create awareness regarding plastic pollution.

What is Plogging?

Plogging is a somewhat new fitness trend where a person jogs, runs, or walks outside carrying a trash bag, collecting litters lying on the way. The word ‘Plogging’ is an amalgamation of two words jogging and plucking. The concept of Plogging is all about keeping yourself as well as the earth fit and healthy. Nowadays, it is all about maintaining our physical and mental fitness. But with time, we are paying less heed to the environmental factors necessary to keep our planet sustainable.

This is causing severe damage to nature causing changes in the environmental factors. Human activities have disturbed nature with air pollution, water pollution, thermal pollution, noise pollution, etc. All these have led to significant global warming and climate change.  So, it is high time that we pay serious attention to how to protect our environment. One of the most recent pollution that is creating a lot of news is plastic pollution and its adverse effects. To minimize this pollution, people are practicing Plogging. Apart from plastic, Plogging also aims to control littering in public areas.

Origin of Plogging
Origin of Plogging

The Origin of Plogging

Plogging started in Sweden in 2016 with Erik Ahlström, who introduced this concept. In an interview, he said his concern regarding the increase in littering in his hometown, Stockholm inspired him to introduce this concept. However, this environment friendly fitness trend became a hit worldwide in 2018 after his contribution to the environment became viral in social media.

Why is Controlling Plastic Pollution so Important?

The world has seen massive technological advancements, making everyone’s life easier and better. In the process, the accumulation of waste or by-products has also increased significantly. However, the lack of proper disposal of wastes is creating a severe environmental issue. Nowadays, most of the products that we use are disposable, or you can say are use and throw. The minus point of using such products is its proper disposal. Such products mostly contain material that takes a long time to decompose or don’t decompose at all. This is where the problem starts for us and the environment. 


Although plastic is a very versatile product, it also comes with the problem of disposal as it causes pollution of all sorts, air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution because of the toxicity of the materials in it. Plastic pollution has progressed so much that marine lives such as whales, sea birds are dying as they get tangled and suffocated by plastics in the water.

According to the ocean crusaders website, 100,000 marine creatures die due to plastic pollution, which is so sad. So, this is why controlling plastic pollution is of utmost importance. More than 30 countries such as the United Kingdom, America, Thailand, India, Sweden, etc. around the world have active ploggers who are fitness enthusiasts and also care about the well-being of our planet.

Plogging Makes Exercise Interesting and Fun

People practice Plogging in groups making the experience of jogging or running and litter picking fun. Picking up the litters on the way by squatting while you perform your cardio exercise is all you need to get the maximum benefit from a workout. Plogging provides you with triple advantage – cardio combined with strength exercise along with a responsible step to curb pollution. If you are a person who plans to go out for a jog or a run, but you always end up with procrastination, then you can try Plogging. There are numerous websites available that welcome new ploggers country-wise. This way you will also get to meet fitness plus nature enthusiasts just like you. 

Physical Fitness is A Must

In a world where we are always in a rush to perform our daily activities, maintaining physical fitness is a must. Without fitness, we won’t be able to carry out our daily chores properly. Maintaining physical fitness also protects us from most of the medical conditions making us weak. So, do take care of yourself to live a longer and healthy life. Along with it, loving and taking care of our planet is also our responsibility. In doing so, our future generations will be able to live in a sustainable and well-resourced planet.

Take care

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