Now that the pandemic curbs are relaxing, it is time to plan that perfect girls’ weekend getaway that you’ve been putting away. Gather all your friends and plan your girls’ getaway in Texas hill country to have a relaxing trip like no other. 

This is one of the most recommended spots to go for for a girls’ getaway. But you might be stuck thinking ‘how to plan a girls’ weekend getaway.’ You need to find out what products to take, what places to roam, or what to keep in mind. Well, with this complete guide, you won’t have to look any further. Find tips on what products to take with you and the places you must visit for your girls’ getaway in Texas hill country. 

Perfect Girls’ Weekend Getaway in Texas Hill Country

Here are all the things you can do in your perfect girls weekend getaway in Texas Hill Country

1. Can’t go to Texas without going horse riding

You can’t have your perfect girls’ weekend getaway without going horseback riding in Texas hill country. This is one of the best ways to admire the beauty of the outdoors while sitting on horseback. 

Now you might be thinking about ‘how to plan a girls’ weekend getaway with horse riding’. Sure, planning your girls’ getaway in Texas hill country won’t be a piece of cake, but here are some places that you could call to ensure that horseback riding is a part of your itinerary. These places include:

  • Texas Trail Rides
  • Bel Canto Farms

These places are some of the best options to try horseback riding while enjoying your vacation in Texas hill country. 

2. Time to go wine tasting

Wines are an important aspect of Texas, so they must be a part of your road trip. People have recently begun to focus on growing grapes, and these grapes are then used to make in-house quality wine. 


Texan climate is a great supporter of grape cultivation, so many wineries have come up in the Texas hill country. This region is also known as Texas Wine Country because of this. So it would be a shame if you had to miss having a wine tasting experience for your perfect girls’ weekend getaway. 

3. Enjoy the Beautiful Outdoors

The beauty of Texas hill country lies in its outdoors. And you can’t possibly appreciate the outdoors properly without visiting a park. This will give you time to unwind on your ‘perfect girls’ weekend getaway’. What’s better than sitting in a park with your besties, away from all the stress from work or school? Well, nothing. 

So, this is your cue to add visiting some parks during your girls’ getaway in Texas hill country. Many beautiful gardens are nestled in the hills of this area. Some of these parks include:

  • Jacob’s Well, which has a perennial karstic spring
  • Blanco State Park, which is a beautiful park constructed near the Blanco river
  • Blue Hole Regional Park, which has stunning views and also has a swimming hole
  • Hamilton Pool Reserve, which has a natural pool that was created when an underground river collapsed many many years ago

4. Relax at A Spa

What kind of a ‘perfect girls’ weekend getaway’ would it be if it didn’t include a spa day? So while the question ‘how to plan a girls’ weekend getaway’ bugs you, make sure to make note of a spa day. 

With the amazing outdoors and the fresh atmosphere, a spa can be a real mood changer to help you get out of your mundane routine and stress cycles. With this getaway, you’ll easily be able to live to the best as you relax at a spa and stare at the awesome scenery that Texas hill country has to offer.

5. Visit a Lavender Farm

During your girls’ getaway in Texas hill country, you will find that the area is surrounded by many lavender farms. This is because the Texan environment is excellent for the cultivation of lavenders. 

Lavender Farm
Lavender Farm

So if you’re here on your perfect girls’ weekend getaway, you must have a visit to one of these lavender farms. In June, you can also visit the Blanco lavender festival. Other than that, some places to see lavender farms are:

  • Hill Country Lavender
  • Wimberley Lavender Farm
  • Becker Vineyards
  • Rough Creek Lavender Fields

What Products to Carry? 

Here are all the products you need to carry

1. Squeeze pod girls’ weekend getaway travel size

Wondering about how to carry so many toiletries for your weekend getaway? Well, there’s a simple solution to help you out. Find squeeze pod girls’ weekend getaway travel sizes on any online store and order them. 

The squeeze pod girls’ weekend getaway travel size has been a life-changer for many people since it carries so many of your toiletries easily and portable manner. Also, its toiletries are of really good quality and are sulfate and paraben-free. So if you’re thinking to ease yourself out, squeeze pod girls’ weekend getaway travel size are just the item you’re missing in your life. 

2. Time to buy the Balm girls’ getaway trio

Packing for a trip, especially with your girl gang, is never easy because you would constantly be clicking selfies and pictures, and nobody wants to look shabby in their Instagram uploads. But also, it is improbable to carry your entire vanity- to save you from all the pre-trip hassle and on-trip frustration, we suggest that you use the Balm girls’ getaway trio. 

You can use them to create all your looks while having the time of your life on your perfect girls’ weekend getaway. The balm girls’ getaway trio is ideal for packing for travels and has many options for bronze or contour. You can also spice your lookup with the blush options. If you use the balm girls’ getaway trio creatively, you might just be saving time and space for some other creative adventures.

Final words

With all this information to your rescue, it is finally time to drop the ‘how to plan a girls’ weekend getaway’ approach and start working on it already. Have some fun, spend some time with your friends and leave your stress at bay. This is your cue to have a perfect girls’ weekend getaway with your besties. 

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