Peeling Feet: Know The Reason Behind!!

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peeling feet

Peeling feet, a big problem!! As you age, your skin needs to be taken care of properly and regularly. While most people focus on their faces, hands, and legs, the most important part of the body they sometimes fail to take care of is the feet. Yes, even if you are in your late twenties and enjoying a weekend lying on the couch about to binge-watch your favorite show, sometimes when you pull the comfy slippers off, you might notice slight peeling skin on feet. But don’t freak out. Also, it is recommended don’t start picking your peeling skin with your own hand or any other tool. This will only cause pain, bleeding or lead to infections.

Peeling feet can happen due to various reasons and can be cured at home by following some simple steps.

First off, we should know the reason why your foot skin peeling. The various reasons associated with these problems are:

Peeling Feet Causes

Your feet can start peeling suddenly due to a fungal infection. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between a fungal infection of the feet and normal peeling of the feet. This is because mostly the fungal infections don’t cause itchiness. However, if you notice peeling feet suddenly, you should go and see a doctor. This will clear up the issue about it being a fungal infection and will also help you cure it.


Burning so many calories, sweating and feeling your workout inside your body is amazing until you see peeled feet. Sometimes, working out barefoot can also be the reason for peeling feet. Other reasons include performing hot yoga in a moist environment, sharing your mats, or doing any tiring activity barefoot. This leads to excessive perspiration and foot infections. You should see your doctor if you think your peeling feet are a result of these exercises.

The Wrong Footwear

Not wearing the right kind of footwear is the major reason you are getting these peeling feet. Wearing strappy heels in the summer, flip flops by the beach, are all comfort and fun until you find out these are majorly causing your feet to peel. They provide too much exposure and friction to your heels. You should also avoid wearing tight shoes, or wearing any shoes for too long as it will cause too much friction in your feet. Always go for footwear that is comfortable and doesn’t cause too much friction in your feet.


You can develop a skin condition known as eczema if you are experiencing peeling feet. Eczema causes drying, itching, and peeling of the body including feet. This condition mostly occurs during childhood but it is normal for adults to develop eczema too. You are recommended to see your doctor as soon as possible for identifying and treating eczema efficiently.


We have been reminded since time long to drink enough water to avoid any skin problems and keep the skin healthy and fresh. If you are dehydrated for long enough, your body’s metabolism decreases, you have breakouts and at last, you also get peeled feet. If you want to prevent peeling feet and have healthy skin always keep yourself hydrated.

peeling feet

Following are The Best Home Remedies For Peeling Feet

Pumice stone:

Pumice stone is a stone formed when water and lava mix together. They are very helpful for the removal of dry, dead skin. Simply dip the pumice stone in warm water and soak your feet in warm water for about 10 minutes. After soaking proceed to gently rub the pumice stone on your feet in a circular or sideways motion. Remove the top layer of the skin while doing this. Remember not to use this stone over injuries or sore areas. Finish off by adding some foot lotion for smooth skin.

Paraffin Wax:

Paraffin wax is basically a colorless solid wax, often used for skin-softening treatments in salons for nails, hands, cuticles, and feet. You can get a pedicure treatment involving paraffin wax to treat your feet. You can also do it at home by dipping your feet in the wax several times, and then cover your feet with plastic after layers of wax are applied to your feet. After the wax has hardened, remove the wax. This process will remove any dead skin along with the wax, leaving your skin looking smooth and supple.

So now that you know why your feet are peeling, you can get yourself a feet therapy as per your reason, or go see a doctor if you think you might have an infection. Remember, taking care of your feet is as important as taking care of any other part of your body.

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