Women Empowering Women

Priyanka Chopra Jonas talks about ways to empower women at a recently held conference in LA. The Indian-International superstar, fondly referred to as Pee Cee by her fans, has always been in the limelight for her success, views, and establishments. Her achievements nationally and internationally has made her the epitome of hard work and dedication. The small-town girl has also been criticized for her skin color and marrying a man (Nick Jonas) much younger to her, but that never made a bit of difference in her flight.

The iconic Quantico star is an influencer who always talks about major social issues and ways to empower women at social and promotional events. She is also indulged in some women empowerment projects in India and always shares her opinion on. Recently, in Los Angeles, PeeCee talked about women empowerment, sisterhood, opportunities for women in the industry and failure.

Opportunities for Women

At the promotional event of her latest movie, ‘The Sky is Pink Priyanka boldly brought up her unfiltered opinions on womanhood. She quoted that “we need to create more opportunities for women to come forward and take a chance in order to bring a change. The Desi Girl mentioned that she knew she is a star, and she wants to create a world where there are thousand ways to women empower women to fearlessly take up and manage new challenges. She also reminded the masses that women take up fifty per cent of the world population and that is quite a strong reason to be in opportunities for women. 

“Lack of opportunities for women creates the narrative of catfights among women” Priyanka quoted. She added that failure is a part of life and it is okay to have bad days. She fearlessly bashed the media over their difference in attitude toward male and female actors. When two female actors are working together, the first question that comes up from the press is that if they get along well or not. This is unlike in the case of two male actors who are labeled with ‘bromance’.

Women Empowerment in India

Women empowerment in India depends upon many different variables that include geographical location, educational status, social status and age. Government is also shaping opportunities for women with its policies and new laws. A woman can feel empowered in India with simple but effective ways in daily life. Accepting that life is full of mistakes and changes is part of being empowered, learn from them and make positive changes for your future

Women Empowerment Projects

Women empowerment projects are one of the many ways to empower women who are in disadvantaged positions due to incarceration, poverty, homelessness, 
HIV/AIDS infection, and/or involvement in the criminal justice system.
Such programs should provide education, employment assistance, health, housing referrals, and support services for them

Woman Empowerment and Celebrities

Priyanka Chopra has always talked about going beyond the glass ceiling

She believes that every girl deserves an equal opportunity as a boy. Laying down her example she always pays regard to her parents for letting her and her brother be open to the world and for letting them do what they wished when they were young. Making choices for oneself, she says it is important to make mistakes, learn from them and try again. Being on such a high peak of her success she seems to never have forgotten her roots. In fact, she always talks about her previous times and her journey all the way to the platform where she stands today. 

Woman Empowerment and Celebrities
Woman Empowerment and Celebrities

She always wishes that every girl should get the liberty to choose for herself and should have the whole sky to fly high, also time and again states that ‘never let criticism affect your vision’. She herself has been criticized for her skin color, to which she boldly took upon and quoted that she is beautiful the way she is and her skin color doesn’t define what she actually is. Later in life after marrying Nick Jonas she was again criticized for marrying a younger boy. She never let any of these petty comments mock her down. 
 The 35-year-old Bollywood star, who is having a dream run in Hollywood, says the movements like #MeeToo and Times’s Up prove that women across the globe have been facing challenges and India is no different. She takes her responsibility in finding ways to empower women and performs her bit to bring about a change.

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