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11 Inexpensive Ways To Feel Like Yourself Again

Have you been feeling a little down lately? Has the quarantine taken a troll on your mental health already?  Do you feel tired and...
6 min read [wp_claps_applause]

Ariah Agarwal: The Fashionista In The Acting Industry

From being a fashion stylist in the entertainment industry to stealing the limelight as an actress, Ariah Agarwal is a breath of fresh air...
4 min read [wp_claps_applause]

The Truth Of Living Alone That Every Woman Should Know

Living alone can often render an exciting experience as one truly can identify oneself as an adult. Living by yourself for the first time...
4 min read [wp_claps_applause]

Shrenu Parikh Revealed Her Secret Skincare Product

When life gives you lemon make lemonade. This is how you live in an optimistic way because optimism is the light that sheds away...
9 min read [wp_claps_applause]

Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space With These Simple Tips And Tricks

Your outdoor space is your very own snug spot where you can unwind after a tiring day or spend quality time with your loved...
3 min read [wp_claps_applause]

Seven Things Only A Woman Living Alone Can Relate To

More and more women in our society and across countries are choosing to ‘live alone,’ be a ‘free spirit’, a ‘lone wolf” and enjoy...
2 min read [wp_claps_applause]

Your Guide To Your Bestie’s Wedding On A Budget

So your bestie is getting married! This is definitely cause for celebration. But not everyone has loads of money to throw around, even if...
2 min read [wp_claps_applause]

Best Ways To Weight-Watch After The Wedding

If you’ve been lucky enough to just have a wonderful wedding, congratulations! But there’s danger on the horizon: you might have already considered the...
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Here Is Your Quick Mehendi Favor Ideas

Heya, I suppose since you are on this page, I don’t need to give you an intro to what the article is all about....
2 min read [wp_claps_applause]

Glow Like A Diva With This DIY Pumpkin Face Mask

Working the 9 to 5 job, handling business meetings, performing endless gigs or just going on with your grind is a part of almost...
2 min read [wp_claps_applause]

10 Unique & Thoughtful Housewarming Presents For Your Dear Ones

We get it. It is that close person’s housewarming and you could not be more of a well-wisher. You want them to have the...
2 min read [wp_claps_applause]

DIY Bath Bombs & Spoil Yourself

Spoiling oneself has different meanings for different people. Some like to buy two large cups of chocolate ice-creams and binge through FRIENDS, while some...
2 min read [wp_claps_applause]

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