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Getting Married This Summer? A Brides Guide To Planning A Wedding During Quarantine

This pandemic has already ruined numerous events and functions for you. But don’t let it ruin your dream wedding, because you can still have...
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Don’t Depend On Dad To Do Your Taxes: 6 Quick Steps For Newbies To File Income Tax Return

Filing your own taxes can be a hassle especially when you are doing it for the first time. It can be confusing and frightening...
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14 Gift Ideas To Your Rescue: The Perfect Graduation Gift Ideas For Your Child

Graduation is a huge deal for any college/university student because once you graduate, you start working towards your future and dream life as up...
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Top 30 Makeup Quotes For Makeup Lovers

Whoever believes “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” clearly had no idea about makeup. Make-up is a blessing for whoever is aware of its...
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Mother’s Day Menu: Surprise Your Mom With These Delicious Sweet Dishes On Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is just around the corner and so is another lockdown, considering the Covid-19 situation. But you can always celebrate it at home...
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Smashing Patriarchy: Actor Dia Mirza’s Wedding Conducted By A Female Priest

On 15th February, the stunning actor Dia Mirza, got hitched to her businessman partner Vaibhav Rekhi, clad in stunning red benarasi saree from Raw...
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8 Cotton Bed Sheets That Will Give You The Most Comfortable Sleeping Experience

Having a cosy and comfy sleep makes you feel like a bird in the morning, you feel much better, energised and prepared to do...
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Coconut Milk: 3 Ways To Add It To Your Diet!

Coconuts are grown in abundance in Malaysia, Polynesia, and southern Asia. Coconut milk is made from the fully grown adult coconut pulp. It is...
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6 Brilliant Ideas For Throwing The Ultimate Spa Party

Planning to throw a little spa party for the girls? Here is your guide for all thing’s spa related. This can be a themed...
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Get Yourself Shot This Weekend: Applesauce Shot Recipe You Need To Try ASAP

Who doesn’t love the sweet and sour flavour of apples? Whether they are green or red, apples never disappoint in terms of health and...
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Mai Tai Cocktail: The Tropical Drink You Will Never Forget!

If you love cocktails any day, any season, or any time you’re not alone. A refreshing white rum cocktail can definitely make your taste...
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Baking Christmas Goodies: 8 Kitchen Essential That You Need To Buy

December not only marks the onslaught of the coldest days of the year but also sparks joy and happiness in our lives with festivities,...
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