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Is It Offensive Or An Exaggeration? The Myntra Logo Change Issue

If you have been on any social networking websites in the last few days, chances are that you have heard about how the e-commerce...
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Time Is Money: 6 Best Watch Brands In India

Top Watch Brands In India: Time and tide wait for no one. Most of us have heard this phrase while growing up. The reason...
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Low-Cost Fireplace Makeover Ideas That You Will Need!

Many people go gaga dreaming about a fireplace. Their essence, the unique sophisticated glam it adds to the room, and about all such extra...
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Plumtales By Kuhu Enterprises: A House of Handmade Goodness!

Handmade Toys, If you are a parent, one thing you cannot do away with is toys for your little one. With technology hooking kids...
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Pamper Yourself With These Awesome Gifts To Get Over Your BreakUp

We love to pamper our dear ones and shower them with gifts to show our love and care for them. But sometimes it is...
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11 DIY Methods Of Reusing And Upcycling Your Old Cosmetic Containers

When we walk into a shopping mall, those gleaming jars and tubes of cosmetics and fragrance lure us like a mirage. As women, we...
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DIY Hacks To Try With Your Post-Holi Outfits

What to do with Post-Holi Outfits??? Holi, the festival of bright colours, loud music, lots of dancing and some crazy chilled drinks (If you...
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10 Amazing Gift Ideas To Impress Your Mother-In-Law

Gift Ideas To Impress Your Mother-In-Law!!! No matter how close or friendly you are with your mother in law, it sometimes takes a lot...
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11 Modern Day Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

We ladies wait desperately for our friends to get married, don’t we? Celebrating a friend’s wedding is like the most awaited event after we...
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8 Affordable Online Shopping Websites

In the last few years, online shopping websites have emerged at an unstoppable frequency. The highlight of shopping at online stores is that we...
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Classic Blue Is Pantone’s Colour For 2020

As we usher in not only the new year but the beginning of a new decade. The millennium has crossed over into the 20s,...
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6 Essential Things To Consider Before Becoming A Pet Parent

Scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram and looking at pictures of adorable dogs or kittens is fun. We often wonder how amazing it would be...
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