The Packing Guide For Moving To Help You Relocate Easily

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The thought of relocating to a different location makes us feel tired and irritating, right ladies? No matter how mature we become, shifting to a new place seems like a huge challenge.

Meeting and dealing with new people, sorting the living space, memorizing the new routes nearby, and the list is long. The biggest challenge of all when you have to relocate is packing your things compactly. 

In such circumstances, you feel all your things are necessary even if some of them are not. This dilemma is real, and we all have faced it at some point of time. Most of us get confused about how to pack efficiently, and our luggage becomes bulky and impractical. 

So, today we are here to help you out with a helpful packing guide for moving. As you will read this, you will get to know about some simple yet useful moving tips and hacks. Keep on reading to find out nine fundamental points that everyone should know about while packing to move.

Make a list, one of the foremost thing to do 

The foremost step in the packing guide for moving is to have a proper list of things that you will want to take with you.

You have to list everything that you need the most. Making this list won’t be an easy task. Think it through and go through your stuff to help you sort better. 

Make categories and subcategories in your list to help you further. If you have ever wondered about any packing tips for moving in a hurry – believe it or not, listing your things will be a lifesaver and a timesaver. 

Choosing the things to take while packing

Moving to a new place, or a house is a big change from your previous humble abode. Choosing and tossing unnecessary things will be a tough job for anyone. 

The thing is, you have to be practical when it comes to packing and moving. You have to take things that are absolutely irreplaceable. The more things you pack, the more boxes you will have. 

Get cardboard boxes and bubble wraps

Apart from your travelling bags, cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, old newspapers, marker pens, and duct tapes are must-haves in the packing guide for moving.

These essentials will help you in the moving process, making your relocation easier and hassle-free. 

Start packing early

Another important point in the packing guide for moving to keep in mind is to start packing early to make your relocation process as smooth as possible. Start at least a month or two earlier so that you don’t have to rush at the last minute. 

Begin your packing with the things that you don’t have any use in the next few days or weeks before moving out. You don’t want to keep taking things out from your moving packages, do you? 

Packing early has a lot of plus points- you can pack with ease, without hurrying and you will have lots of time to evaluate the things that you want to pack.

The thought of packing also may seem not much to some of us but, that is just our laziness telling us to procrastinate, which we should ignore. 

Pack your things category wise 

If you are wondering the secret of relocating with your things, there is one thing you should know- the packing technique.

To achieve this, firstly, sort your wardrobe. After sorting, pack your tops in one baggage, all your lowers in one baggage, and so on. 

In doing so, you will not find any trouble afterwards when you have to unpack your belongings. 

Moving tips and hacks on packing your things room wise 

This is one of those moving hacks that we mostly see in the movies where the main casts move to a new house.

We always see them packing and moving with cardboard boxes that are labelled as kitchen material, dining hall accessories, and so on.

Labelling your stuff

Labelling your things may sound quite a work for some but it is one of the most vital packing tips for moving clothes and your other essentials.

Although, you may pack your things categorically, labelling the packages will help you when you unpack. 

Moving hacks for your footwear

Speaking from personal experience, our suggestion, in this case, would be, get one or two cardboard boxes for your footwear, as well. 

Apart from this, you can also wrap each pair of footwear with old newspapers while packing. 

Folding your clothes the right way – packing tips for moving clothes

The way you fold your clothes matters a lot, whether you sort your closet or pack to move.

Have you ever found yourself packing clothes before a getaway and you notice that although you have packed only limited clothes, your bag looks stuffy? 

There is only one reason behind this – you are folding your clothes the wrong way. 

packing clothes tips

So, to avoid this situation, you can try the Marie kondo way of organizing clothes. The best thing about her way is you can also apply her tricks to sort your wardrobes as well. 

Bottom Line

These are nine important moving hacks that you will surely come handy for you the next time you have to relocate. 

Moving to a new place, uprooting yourself can be overwhelming and can be scary. Right from the headache of packing your things to moving and settling down in the new place is a lot to take in.

We all have gone through this phase or will go through this nerve-wracking situation at some point in life. 

packing guide for moving

So, to make the change smooth, it is of utmost importance that you try to follow our packing guide for moving and we guarantee that you will find it really useful.

If necessary, you can also call up your best friends to help you out with the packing like Carrie in the Sex and The City gets support and help from Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda.

After all, sometimes or most of the times in our lives, our best friends are the pillars of strength that make us stronger.

Take care🏵

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