Outfits For The Wedding Season

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wedding outfit
Isha Surabhi
An English majors graduate, former editor to two magazines, former Senior Content Writer to DU Times and a dedicated litterateur, for whom writing is the most aesthetic form of expression!

Don’t Follow the Tradition!! Be the Tradition

The wedding season is approaching, and hence are the countdowns for the wedding ensemble. Why set back with the usual conventional dresses or wedding outfits?

There are an ample amount of new ways for how you can choose a wedding outfit and rock your wedding. We at The Voice of Woman are all here to help you out choose the best fit for you:-

1) Switch the Traditional Colours

The usual colors like red and maroon have been an all known color. Try going for some light or bright color or whatever you like, after all, it’s your day beautiful! ❣ You will find numerous colour options for your Indian wedding outfits.

2) Is Your Attire Too Heavy? Drop the Weight

Usually, the wedding dresses are made to be heavy enough for a human to handle, and that too when the marriages are all tiring functions! Drop that patriarchal weight and choose a light wedding outfit, ladies! After all you gotta dance the eve away😍

3) Customize Your Embroidery

There have been marriages where brides and grooms have customized the embroidery on their attire just to make it all a little more memorable! If the artist within you wants to make it special and memorable not just for a day but a lifetime, go customize it with your name, groom’s name or anything you want the attire to have. Cz memories count💞

4) Multi-Function Wearables

Many women out there feel that it’s just a one day show and that outfit for a wedding has to go in the boxes after that. So, on a wiser front, you can always go for some beautiful multi-function wearable wedding dresses so that it’s never wasted and you get a chance to gleam like that first day throughout life❤

wedding outfit

5) Wish Expenditure

Paying a hefty amount for just one day seems such a wastage. Why pay so much to designers when you can buy it at a lower cost. Go forth and decide on your own the amount to be paid to designers and the one to be saved for the honeymoon💙

6) Dancing Mode On

Why stay as a victim to the so-called society with those heavy heels on, fasting your tummy up, why not go and enjoy. It’s once in a lifetime day, go wear those sneakers on and dance the night away!!! Yes, after all wearing sneakers on wedding day is trending like hell. So, just have those favourite sneakers with your wedding outfits women!! 😌

7) Contrasting Blouses

We live in the Victorian era. Kidding, of course, we aren’t! Why should we follow the conventions then? Matching blouse with the lehenga? Nah! You can always choose a contrasting blouse for a wedding outfit and look beautiful in that, one because it looks different and second because it can be worn with whatever you choose to wear after you shrug that heavy weight off your waist. 

8) Say No to Double Layering

Wedding outfits are designed in such a way that it feels so heavy on the body. While double layering your wedding dresses can make you even more uncomfortable because of the weight of that extra clothing stuff.

9) Readymade Lehenga

You have always heard how tough it is to pin up the entire attire and stuff like that. Choosing a readymade dress would always come to your rescue. It can be worn immediately and removed as well without putting so many pins and all. Well, this is the most suitable wedding outfits for girls.

Finding ready made lehenga’s are not so difficult as you can easily select it from the wedding outfit stores.

So, ladies and women! (Habitual of hearing gentlemen? I get it) We congratulate the ones getting in the aesthetic knot of life. Go forth, step out and choose your ensemble for the big day in your life. Make it happen your own way, shrug off the patriarchy and wear on your spirit. Go beautiful, a world full of happiness lurks for you! 

Love yourself❤

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