Being a woman, the world of cosmetic products is not new to us. Even if we do not intend or like to apply makeup there are a whole lot of things that are applicable to us. The night cream or anti-wrinkle serum or lotion, the Kajal/Kohl, the lip balm or the face powder. 

The list just goes on and on. Let’s learn the art of organizing cosmetics and beauty supplies.

It Is Important To Organize Makeup

Some of us are keen and pay heed to makeup products. Our dressing mirror has stacks of cosmetics products. The vibrant shades of lipsticks, to nail paints, the glosses and fragrance. Not to forget the powder and concealer, the eyeliners of every colour. The range and variety are astonishing.

Broken Makeup Stash

Don’t you hate it when you cannot find that lip gloss for your chapped lips in the morning when you are late for your work? Or the broken compact that you misplaced and it fell on the ground, leaving millions of pieces? An unorganized makeup stack could be your worst problem. 

We understand that sometimes you might be too lazy to clean up the mess that you leave after getting ready for a party or the dried mascara and spilt liner on your table is a horrendous scene. Organizing beauty supplies is very important.

Organize Makeup
Organize Makeup

Your Makeup Stash Is Precious

These makeup products cost many bucks and they are precious to you but why not take proper care of it? The dried paints and polish, broken lipsticks or smudged cosmetics should not be a nightmare. 

These products are very personal as they are applied to your skin. It has to be kept safely and properly for them to not affect your skin or health. Imagine the dust on your lipstick when you leave them open; it becomes a direct entry point for bacteria and viruses to invade your body.

We need to understand how to take care of our cosmetics, how to organize makeup stash, use them properly and throw them, once they expire. The process of makeup declutter is a must. It is important to note that cosmetics and skincare products should always be from good companies and reliable brands. 

They should be skin-friendly and be very careful about your allergies, read the chemicals or natural ingredients used in these products. Let’s learn and understand how one can organize makeup stash.

How To Organize Makeup?

Here is how you can organize your makeup products


Your lipsticks should always be covered and kept away from the direct sunlight. It will start to melt otherwise. Throw away the expired ones. If you have a lip gloss, and it is dry now, you can melt it, by putting the bottle in a hot water bowl for the gloss to become fluid again.  Arrange them according to color or size and store them separately so that you are able to find them when you need to apply one.


Your eyeliner and mascaras are important, but a headache to handle. Mascaras tend to get dry very quickly. You can apply a little Vaseline so that it works efficiently and you get that voluminous lash you desire without any fragmented or dried product getting stuck to your lashes. 

Don’t keep them in the refrigerator or any other cold place. Keep them at room temperature, but away from direct sunlight.

We assume your clothes are nicely kept on the racks of your cupboard. Pressed and crisped, or hanging on a well-maintained hanger. Your shoes are nicely arranged in lines, somewhere on the lower shelf of your cupboard; but why is your makeup stash so unorganized? 

Few Tips To Declutter And Organize Makeup 

  • Put all the pencils like liners, mascara, lip liners, lip gloss sticks, Vaseline sticks, together; tied or in a small container. So that they are easy to find and kept safely.
  • Keep regularly used products like sunscreen, lotion, moisturizer, lip balm, creams; separately from your rarely used products.
  • Put your hair accessories like combs, elastic bands, clips in one place so that they are easy to find.
  • Maintain a Trousseau case or a makeup box for your occasionally used makeup products like the ones you apply when you go to a party; the fake lashes, voluminous mascara, colored pencil liners, shimmering eye shadows.
  • Always store your hairdryer and straightener or curler properly and near a socket, so that it can be easily used. Let it cool after using, make sure to switch it off and then store it properly.
  • Keep your powder, anti-ageing creams, night creams, BB or CC cream in your bathroom, so that you can apply it whenever you wash your face.
  • Similarly, all your foundation, concealer, highlighter, bronzer, color corrector, blush should be stacked together with the primer or base as they are all used together. For your convenience, you can buy an ‘All in One’ product.
  • Put your shampoo bottles, serum, hair mask, conditioner, body oil, perfumes, deodorants, liquid soap, separately in your washroom. These products should be washed daily and you cannot compromise with their hygiene.
  • There are some products that you carry with you every day like- lipstick, comb, compact, kohl or deodorant. Make a separate compartment in your carry bag for these products. Close them tightly. Always carry a handkerchief.
  • Keep your makeup brushes in a box or a packet, hidden from dust. Store them in a dry place. It should be cleaned and dried regularly. Use separate brushes if possible.
  • You can use a makeup cloth hanger with pouches and hang them on a wall near your mirror.
  • Fix a position for every item and do not change its position. This way you will memorize the location of each product and you will not lose your temper or patience while trying to find them.
  • Use your dressing drawer to compartmentalize products based on usage or brands.
  • Always use a makeup remover to remove your applied makeup. You can use olive oil or coconut oil to nourish your skin as well. Use Rosewater to keep it rejuvenated and never go to sleep while your makeup is still on. These items can be kept near your bedpost or bedside drawer.

Organizing Makeup Stash To Save Your Time

If you organize your makeup stash carefully, rest assured your makeup will last longer and your money will not go down the drain. It will be easy to use these products whenever you want and they will not be missing at the time of need. 

Organizing the beauty supplies will give you a sense of control. An organized makeup stash is one less of a problem to deal with.

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