Usually used as a salad dressing or cooking your favorite delicious Italian dishes, olive oil has a great number of other benefits too. Olive oil is the world’s most favorite in the oil variety. From promoting hair health to the solutions to many hair problems, olive oil for hair works miraculously. There are so many benefits of olive oil you might want to attain from it. It’s almost winter and it’s also a time for dry and frizzy hair, olive oil can help you with this. 

Our hair is the best asset and we all want to keep it shiny and beautiful forever. Well, olive oil is the secret to it. Your hair gets damaged and frizzy due to all the pollution and dirt. Hair also gets damaged due to many health issues too. What can we do to take care of our hair?

The answer is Olive oil. Olive oil for hair is one of its best usages. You can use olive in a lot of ways to achieve healthy and smooth hair. So, wondering what are some olive oil benefits or how to use olive oil for hair? Continue reading to find out. 

Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair

Olive oil is a fat extracted from crushing olive leaves means it is completely natural oil. It can not only be applied to hair or skin but can also be consumed in different foods to enhance your overall health. Olive oil adds charm to everything. From culinary to hair, olive oil benefits are numerous. Let us see some important benefits of olive oil for hair:

1. Promotes hair growth

Having long hair is a goal for most of the girls and achieving this hair goal is going for the best oil which is olive oil. Olive oil is known to remove the build-up of excessive sebum. Sebum can slow down the growth of your hair. Olive oil gives the necessary moisture and nutrition to the hair and enhances hair growth. The vitamins in this oil help in restoring the essential moisture and facilitate hair health. 

2. Keeps hair smooth

Everyone wants soft and smooth hair and it is not very easy to achieve that smoothness. But, olive oil can do the trick. Olive oil can alleviate the roughness of your hair. A simple hot oil massage can relieve the roughness and frizziness from your hair. Olive oil is full of vitamins like vitamin A and Vitamin E which are known to heal and nourish the scalp. Not only it can reduce the roughness, but it can also lessen the dryness of your hair.

3. Removes dandruff

Dandruff gets really annoying and sometimes itchy too. Nothing is working? Well, try using olive oil. Dandruff is caused by a flaky and dry scalp. Using olive oil regularly can relieve your dandruff problem for a long period.

Olive Oil For Hair
Olive Oil For Hair

The olive oil provides moisture and nutrients to the scalp which reduces the dryness which can remove the flaky skin or dandruff from your hair. So, no more getting embarrassed from dandruff in public, olive oil is your best friend. 

4. Fights split ends  

Breakage and split ends are very common for dry and damaged hair especially when it is the winter season. The dryness causes damage to the hair and causes the formation of split ends which in turn halts the hair growth. What to do? The answer is olive oil. Olive oil gives all the moisture your hair needs to keep the scalp moisturized and nourished. Olive oil can be a great fix for repairing split ends from your hair if used regularly. 

5. Keeps your hair frizz-free

Frizzy hair is a common problem for people who are always out in the sun, pollution, and dirt. All these can damage your hair which makes it less manageable. Olive oil proves to be a savior for these problems. It acts as a perfect conditioner for your hair and keeps your hair smooth and hydrated.

It forms a protective layer around your hair which defends the hair from all the dirt and pollution which can damage your healthy hair. Using it regularly can help seal the moisture in your hair and keeps it frizz-free all day long.

How to Use Olive Oil for Hair?

There are various ways you can use olive oil for hair strengthening and smoothness. You can simply take some olive oil in a bowl and add an equal amount of coconut or castor oil and warm them up in a microwave, a stove, or an induction. Do not make it too hot. Part your hair segments and apply the mixture to your hair. Massage the scalp in a circular motion. Leave hair for 15-20 minutes and then wash it with a gentle shampoo. 

You can also make a hair mask with the help of olive oil. You just need some olive oil, aloe Vera, and honey. These three ingredients are the perfect combination for treating dryness and split ends from your hair.

Follow the steps for making a perfect hair mask for hair conditioning. 

  • Take 3 tbsp of aloe Vera gel and add two tbsp of olive oil and honey into it.
  • Mix these three ingredients well to form a smooth paste out of it.
  • Apply this paste on your scalp and the tips of your hair.
  • Leave this paste on your hair for 40-45 minutes.
  • Rinse it off by using a mild shampoo.

Apply this mask twice a week to achieve the desired results. 

What type of Olive Oil is best for hair?

You should always use products for hair that are specifically made for the use of the scalp and hair. Make sure you are using a fresh product and the product is not expired. Check its expiry date and then use it. Choose an olive oil without any additives and try cold-pressed virgin olive oil, if possible because it possesses more nutrients than another type of olive oil. 

Olive oil benefits are numerous and they are mostly safe for use. Although some people may be allergic to olive oil then it may not be an option for them. Olive oil is most suitable for curly or tangled hair with dryness. People with oily hair should avoid it as it may cause acne on your skin if you have acne-prone skin.

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