‘A lawyer, a social activist, a model and an actress’- these are some of the facets of Nimrit Ahluwalia. You might know her as ‘Meher’ from ‘Chotti Sardarni,’ the gorgeous lady has won many hearts with her role and brilliant acting.

Nimrit Ahluwalia started as a lawyer and interned with some of the leading law firms across the world. Little did you know that Nimrit was also chosen by the Asia-Europe Foundation in May 2011 to represent India in a student exchange program in Italy. However, her love for arts and theatre made her take part in plays since childhood. Voice of Woman gets on a candid chat with the gorgeous Nimrit kaur Ahluwalia on her life, lockdown, and acting.

Interview with Nimrit Ahluwalia

Here are some of the amazing questions Nimrit Ahluwalia has given answers to

From being a lawyer to an actress, tell us about your journey.

The journey so far, indeed, has been magnanimous. Ever since I was in kindergarten, I was always driven towards theatre and performing arts. I underwent training for the same while I was in school.

However, I always wanted to become a lawyer. I think it was back in seventh grade that I realized my inclination towards a profession so empowering. In 2013, I started my 5 yrs BA LLB course.

All through law school, I made sure to intern with the best law firms, including an internship with the Ministry of Women & Child Development in association with the UN Women.

In my final year, after having bagged two jobs, a pre-placement offer, and a campus placement, I decided to chase things that had always been on the bucket list. I went on to participate in Femina Miss India 2018, won the crown of Femina Miss India Manipur 2018 & was placed in the top 12.

I immediately got to feature in a song by BPraak called Mastaani. I guess the actor within me had never died, and so I took a six-month break to try my stint in the industry. God willingly, I signed my first show within five months, and so began my adventure in the entertainment industry.

What made you choose acting? Was it always your first career choice?

I had always been a theatre enthusiast and sought the utmost happiness in playing different characters. Acting was never my first career choice, though I believe that it was in my destiny to become an actor despite being a lawyer.

What inspires Nimrit Ahluwalia?

I mostly take my inspiration from the people around me, whether it’s my parents, friends, mentors, or colleagues.

You have also worked in the theatre. How has the experience been?

It has been an incredible journey. I feel that there is always something new to learn, something more to explore. I think theatre is what has laid the foundation for how I approach my craft today.

Tell us about your recent/upcoming projects.

I am currently the protagonist of – “Choti Sardarni” that airs on Colors Channel.

How do you divide your time between work and family?

Given the lack of time, it truly gets challenging to balance the two. Luckily for me, I am a workaholic, so I have no complaints. I do make sure to invest time in my relationships. After all, my family and friends are my backbone. They keep me emotionally strong.

Nimrit Ahluwalia
Nimrit Ahluwalia

What are the challenges you face in your work if any?

As a TV actor, one of the biggest challenges is to keep the spark alive, within yourself and the character you are playing. The challenge is not to let the mundane routine of a TV format slip into your craft, considering the strenuous schedule.

You represented Manipur in Femina Miss India 2018. Tell us about the connection there.

My father recently retired from the Indian Army. At that time, he was serving in Manipur for the second time. I, too, as a child has spent considerable time in Imphal. Being an army kid and having lived in over eight states, I truly believe that I have no hometown in particular. It was indeed an honor for me to represent a state despite not being a native.

How would you describe your style, and what fashion attracts you?

I believe comfort & chic would be the best way to describe my fashion choices.

We have heard you have a fetish for earrings. How many pairs have you collected?

Yes, a very intense one indeed. I have over 300 pairs.

Tell us about your interests other than acting.

I love to travel. My hobbies include swimming, dancing, and reading.

How are you spending time at the present state of countrywide lockdown?

By keeping myself positive and self-introspection! I’m trying to indulge in things that genuinely make me happy, but I may not have had the time to. I have been working out, reading, gardening, crafting. Catching up on some content-driven cinema and also trying my hands at cooking.

Nimrit Ahluwalia
Nimrit Ahluwalia

How do you keep yourself fit? Are you an avid gym person?

I’m a complete foodie. But yes, I do love working out. It makes me happy. Preferably outdoor sports would be my preference, but since shooting schedules are hectic, I make sure to take some time to hit the gym.

Even though society is progressive, there is still a notion that no matter how established a career a woman has, people still comment about a woman’s role being constricted to the kitchen. And many women still today are stopped from pursuing their dreams. What are your thoughts on that?

I think that women should never let their surroundings dictate their choices. It is sad, that even in progressive times like these, women have to succumb to the family pressures. However, we must remain strong-willed and courageous in our actions. And we must try to uplift ourselves and the women around us to live the life we want to live.

You are also associated with social and humanitarian activities. Could you tell us about it?

I am fortunate to have been able to work for the National Mission for Empowerment of Women by the Ministry of Women & Child Development in Association with UN Women as a part of the Gender-Based Violence & Law Enforcement Domain.

I also volunteered with Make A Difference, Chandigarh, in association with Oxford University & Press, wherein I taught underprivileged children English & helped raise funds for them.

I also led a campaign in association with Ketto Org. for CHF, to aid emergency medical cases, as Femina Miss India Manipur 2018 & raised Rs.1,45,065 as a part of the same.

I started my Beauty with a Purpose Project as Femina Miss India Manipur 2018, aiming at ‘Legal Awareness for the Elderly’ with the assistance of Director Social Welfare, Government of Manipur, Ms. Jacintha Lazarus, IAS. Last year, I celebrated my birthday by raising Rs—43, 917 with Ketto Org, for the children at Enabling Leadership.

Nimrit Ahluwalia
Nimrit Ahluwalia

Tell us about a dream co-star you wish to work with someday.

Emma Watson. I have always been in awe of her creative choices and humanitarian work!

Which is your favourite hideout in the globe?

Anywhere in the Himalayas.

Any message that you want to convey to the women and your fans reading this?

Always remember never to put yourself in a box and never to limit yourself. We all have one life, so be whoever you want to be. Don’t let the opinions of others dictate you or make you feel any less. Dream, dream big. Just be courageous and confident always.