Winter is just around the corner. It is finally the right time to wear large hoodies and cuddle with your favorite book under the blanket. But, as the season changes, so should the skincare. We bring you some winter skin care home remedies. Our skin is very delicate. It is also the most vulnerable part of the body that is exposed to the harsh changing weather. With the cold winds approaching, it is time to take a little extra care of your skin with these natural winter skin care home remedies to help you combat the cold!

5 Tips For Skin In Winter Season

Here are the best natural skin care tips to help you in winter:

1. Moisturize

Along with the chilly wind comes dryness and itchiness. Your skin can become extra dry and damaged in winter, which is why it is important to moisturize more than once. In summers, moisturizing your face and body once a day is enough. But, not in winters. You will need a dense moisturizer that has to protect properties. For people with sensitive skin, olive or coconut oil work well as home remedies for face glow in winter. Apply a thick layer before you head to bed to wake up with glowing and moisturized skin.

2. Exfoliate

The sudden drop in humidity levels can leave you with chapped lips from cold weather and cracked flaky skin. Try out these winter skin care home remedies to keep your lips and skin feeling supple throughout the cold winter season. Apart from moisturizing, another great way to deal with this problem is by exfoliating. A salt or sugar-based exfoliator would be a good choice. Ground coffee with peppermint essential oil is also popular. Just scrub your whole body, especially your face with the exfoliator of your choice once or twice a week. This will help replenish your skin and also increase the effectiveness of the moisturizer.  

3. Sunscreen

There is nothing like sitting under the warm sun on a cold morning. But, before you do that, make sure you have sunscreen on. Not only are the UV rays harmful but, they also age the epidermis the fastest. There are lots of sunscreens in the market, choose one that has SPF 30 as it is the most protective. Sunscreens and moisturizers also come as one. Apply a generous layer on all exposed parts of the body before you step out to get some vitamin D.

4. Water

Have you noticed how people look healthier in summers? It may be because people are cooped up in winters rather than being outside. There are several other factors like the shorter day time and change in diet. But, one of the underrated factors is water. We don’t drink as much water in winters as we do during the summers. Water is necessary for our bodies to carry out their functions. But, it also does a great job of replenishing the skin and making it glow.

5. Face Pack

Our face needs a little extra care in winters and this cabbage and yeast face pack will do just that. Take a few leaves of cabbage, put it in a blender and blend it nicely. Then add two tablespoons of yeast and one tablespoon of honey into it. Once it is mixed thoroughly, apply it over your face and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water. This face pack will help your skin look clear and toned. The astringent properties from yeast and honey help moisturize your face as well.

Face Pack
Face Pack

You won’t have to hide your face and hands this winter. These five natural winter skin care home remedies do an amazing job of taking care of your skin. Try these tips for skin this winter to see a noticeable difference.  

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