Natural Solutions to Relieve Constipation Troubles

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Khadija Rahman
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As J. K. Rowling put it, “The constipation sensation that’s gripping the nation.” As it turns out, many people struggle with constipation or vata and are not able to find a cure for it.  According to a survey, about 22% of Indians suffer from constipation. 

If you look at the problem of constipation from Ayurveda’s point of view, the condition occurs when the vata’s cold and dry qualities mess up the colon. Going a day without a proper bowel movement is highly unsettling. There are tons of over-the-counter medicines that you can take. But most of them treat the symptom (constipation) and not the cause. 

Ayurveda is an ancient medicinal system that has roots in the Indian subcontinent. It is very helpful in naturally getting rid of problems. Thanks to its effectiveness, it is gaining popularity all around the world. 



Triphala is one of the most trusted names when it comes to constipation. You can have Triphala tea. You could also grind a half tablespoon of coriander seeds, one-fourth of cardamom seeds, one-fourth tablespoon of Triphala, and have it twice a day. Triphala is known to have laxative properties that help to clear your bowel. Coriander and cardamom seeds help to get rid of indigestion and flatulence. 

Milk and Ghee


For those who want to keep it simple, milk and ghee could be the perfect combination to relieve constipation! Both of these ingredients are usually available at home, which makes it very convenient. Heat the milk and add one or two tablespoons of ghee in it. Have it at bedtime to relieve constipation. 

Licorice roots


The best way to consume powdered licorice is to take a tablespoon of it and drink it with warm water. Licorice is called ‘muletthi’. It is commonly used in households, especially by the elderly, to relieve constipation. However, it is better that you consult an Ayurvedic doctor before taking it. 



Figs or anjeer are great for kids who struggle with constipation. Figs have a high content of fiber in them. For kids, you can soak it up in warm water. Many people consume figs daily to have a regular bowel movement. 

Roasted fennel


If you are not so keen on chewing or drinking strange potions or uncommon fruits, then this is for you! All you have to do is take a teaspoon of roasted fennel with warm water before you head to bed. The fennel seeds have oil in them that helps smoothen the digestion process. It also promotes the production of gastric enzymes. 

Herbal tea and water


Drinking water has a lot of benefits. But not many people know that they help with constipation as well. You can also drink the liquid in other forms like juice and soups. Herbal tea comes highly recommended by Ayurvedic experts as hot liquids help to balance the vata’s cold quality. 



Fruits are said to be great for helping the bowel system function as it normally should. Fruits have a lot of fiber in them and are also hydrating. It helps to pacify the vata. Fruits like peeled apples, ripe banana, peaches, are really helpful. Make sure to have at least an hour’s gap between eating the fruit and any other food. 

The ancient art of Ayurveda comes with the discovery of rare ingredients and herbs. Centuries have been spent studying different herbs and their benefits. They also have some commonly-known herbs or fruits that tend to help with issues like constipation.

Ayurveda gets to the root of the problem and solves it using nature’s offerings. Allopathy, on the other hand, does symptomatic treatment. They also have chemicals in them that tend to have side-effects. By using the ingredients mentioned above, you will soon say goodbye to constipation. 

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