Being cheated on is one of our worst nightmares. While love can be the sweetest feeling in the world, experiencing cheating can make you allergic to even love and yes, it is reasonable. Having a cheating partner means your trust is broken, the efforts wasted and you even lose the person you probably thought could be The One. 

We get it, it is not easy, but you know what? You got to be strong enough and deal with everything rationally. Relationships are extremely delicate and a wrong step can cost you a lot. However, once you start doubting your partner, you are most likely to take the wrong steps and regret them later. 

Partner Cheating
Partner Cheating

What to Do If Your Partner Is Cheating?

Here are 8 expert-approved tips on what to do next:

1. First & Foremost, Be Sure Of It

Doubt can be infectious and once it crosses your mind, there is no coming back. If you indeed feel like he is cheating, look for real signs. Do not assume negative aspects of his normal behavior.  You would not want to spoil a healthy relationship for baseless doubts, right?

Tip: Do not invade his privacy, at least not until fully confirmed. Checking his phone or computer might be tempting but stop yourself thinking how you would feel if your partner did the same to you despite you being loyal to him. 

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2. Talk It Out

Before taking other steps, confront him face to face. Proper communication is necessary for a successful relationship and it will give him a chance, to be honest with you and explain things whichever way they are. Talking to him face to face will also give you an idea of the situation through his immediate reactions. While you’re at it, if he does confess, well and good. If he doesn’t, you might ask for his phone. If he gives it immediately, that reduces the chances of him cheating but if he doesn’t want to give, that may be a red flag.  

3. Be Prepared

Take some time aside and be prepared for the worst. We all know, expectations hurt. You can do better without a cheating partner but planning it will give you some time to accept things. If he suddenly tells you about his other affair or if you find out the same from other sources, you will no longer be clueless, feeling like it’s the end of the world. Due to your prior preparation, you will be able to think straight and deal with things logically. 

4. Professionals Can Do It Better

Because they are pros! If you feel he is not honest with you and you are still having a hard time deciding the truth, you might hire a private investigator! As Lisa Ribacoff, a private investigator based in New York City explains The Cosmopolitan, “We can think first and then act.” “Some people try the DIY method and without the training and knowledge of the laws such as stalking, harassment, vehicle and traffic laws, an individual can get themselves into hot water and legal action could be a final result.” Hiring a PI sounds much better now, doesn’t it!

Note: A Personal Investigator’s findings are also taken more seriously at the court due to the higher chances of them being legit!

5. Prepare The Exit Plan

In grave situations, this may be required. Prepare everything beforehand to avoid any careless mistakes. Joint assets, bank accounts, or whatever they are that you legally share, get their papers and keep them handy. You may also contact a divorce attorney beforehand to know the procedures and avoid common mistakes. For this, you can use the P.O. box for deliveries and a separate email id for communication. This way, even if your partner does have access to your devices, he will not know about these. 

6. Last But Not The Least, Be Aware

This normally may not have much importance but if your long-term partner is cheating on you, especially after marriage, you NEED to be aware dear. A cheating partner may also imply a completely different person (unlikely but still a possibility) who now has feelings for another person and not you. There might be various reasons why he’d want to cheat you of money or valuables. 

Bottom Line

It happens. Though it might make you feel worthless, remember, you are still as special. You are not the one at fault and you deserve so much better than this. The initial days may be tough but slowly, life will get back to its place. You are strong enough to deal with it, it was just a lesson after all. Life is worth so much more. People cheat due to different reasons and it is not always in our hands. Lastly, after everything is over, try not to hold grudges. Move on and have a fresh start. Live your life ladies! 

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