Mother: No One Can Ever Sacrifice Like Her

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I am talking about that one woman who sacrifices her whole life for others without any regrets and guilt, she is no one else, she is one who gave you birth ” Mother”.

So beautiful, powerful, energetic, selfless person God has given us. Every family is complete only with this one woman who binds all together and built a family. She cannot be described in words.

Mother is a person with unconditional love. Her love endures through all. Nothing can be comparable to her love. Her child is her life. The moment a woman becomes a mother, along with giving birth to a child she is also born. Mother only look forwards to her child throughout life. She sacrifices her life, her dreams, her enjoyment besides this she hides her emotions and stands strong.

Where she is a shadow of her child she also stands as a rock between her child and any Obstacle. She fights against the whole family for us. She tries to hide things that gonna make us sad. She shows us the only beautiful world. She tries to do each thing possible she can. 

She cooks food with all love to make us happy. She serves happily and in the end, if food is less she won’t keep it for her and serve to all family members. No one can ever count on the daily sacrifices she made for her children. She besides household chores also goes to the market to do all other works. 

She even doesn’t demand a holiday. She is tired but never shows her tiredness on her face. Every morning she wakes up and starts her schedule. And at the end of the day, she completes the whole work and is ready for the next morning to do the same schedule.

I think she is the only woman who is not get paid for her work but still without any complaints she keeps on doing her work with the same energy every day. I really want to hats off to all the Mothers

I don’t know how and when this little girl of dad becomes a responsible, hardworking woman. She binds two families together. She grows her family and her responsibilities.

Not only this she is going through menstruation every month. She is having pain, she is tired and at old age like 45, there is facing hormonal change due to menopause. She is frustrated at times and Irritated but still, she is working. 

She is doing a job too. She is cooking also, taking care of her family, and maintaining her house too. There’s a lot of stuff she is doing every single day. When I thought of this, I am scared and worried that will I be able to ever cope up with so many things together. 

Am I ready to deal with physical and emotional stress together? I really don’t know. But looking at my mother, I realize she is the best gift God has given me. I cannot be like her but always try to be strong enough like my mother.


But I feel sad because she hides her tears and never shows her pain. She is tired but not getting rest. She wants to do so much in her life but because of her family, her children, her parents she sacrifices her dreams and her life. 

God has given this power to only a mother. No one can ever compete with her.  Her ‘Mamta’ what we called is her love for a child is unconditional and inexpressible.

So, we as children should also think about her. Please don’t shout at her. She is already tolerating so many things every day. But you can make her feel someday special. Cook food for her.  Give her food massage and take her out someday. At her old age, sit with her and talk to her. 

That’s literally enough for her. Her happiness is only seeing us successful and happy. So we can do this much. All girls are gonna be a mother one day. You can very much relate her to yourself.

If any day my mother will read this, I want to tell her that mom I love you so much. You are my lifeline. Without you I am nothing. I am here writing and doing stuff in the world is just because of you. Every good in me is a reflection of yours. Thank you, mom. 

Article Credit: Khushi Garg

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