With the pandemic becoming a major part of our lives men and women are both going to facial creams and all by the most stylish face masks , it has become mandatory to abide by certain safety norms at all times. These safety measures are going to be on our horizon for a while now and we have to make peace with them in our way. Since we can’t do without facial masks, we should make an effort in investing in efficient yet fashionable face masks to sustain our style statement, while being safe at the same time. 

We’ll be talking about some of the most stylish face masks that are currently available in the market and should surely occupy a space in your wardrobe. Some fashionable face masks don’t pay heed to the safety part and you’ve got to double mask when you wear them but most designer brands have created the most stylish face masks with multiple layers to ensure safety. If you want to get your hands on masks that are going to complement your outfits, you’re at the right place. Read along to find out about the best face masks available. 

Stylish Face Masks
Stylish Face Masks

Most Stylish Face Masks 

Here is the list of 8 most stylish facemask for women:

Skims Seamless Face Mask 

Fashionable face masks with soothing and neutral palettes are quite in the trend right now that go with every outfit, and make you look stylish. Skims is Kim Kardashian’s range of such masks and you should check them out for a sophisticated look with all your apparel. 

Reformation Face Mask

These masks have been created along with LA Protects, which is an organization that creates tons of masks for frontline workers and people in need. These are the most stylish face masks that are reusable and come in a pack of 5, available in different patterns and shades. You can also invest in single pieces if you want according to your color preferences. The pack of 5 is a better deal because you would get extremely well-made and pretty masks in one order. 

Baggu Mask Set

Stylish Face Masks
Stylish Face Masks

Baggu is about all things good and sustainable and we’re all for it. These are the best face masks that you can get at their price range and they’re worth it. Immensely efficient when it comes to shielding against respiratory droplets, they are made of good quality threads that keep them well fitted and tight. 

They have a pocket in front for the filter insert and also are made of 100% cotton. This is why the material is so soft and comforting on the skin. The adjustable strings or straps to help them stay in place for longer periods. The quirky patterns and the wide plethora of colors available make them some of the most stylish face masks you could probably own. The best part? When you buy their masks, a part of the proceeds earned would be donated to organizations working for the betterment of individuals in need during these trying times. 

Slip Silk Face Mask

These masks, entirely made of silk, consist of fixable earloops, and the bridge of the nose can be used for long and come with a reusable pouch. Silk masks are extremely fashionable and can enhance any of your glam and party looks. If you want to make an impression, we would recommend these masks for sure! 

Stylish Face Masks
Stylish Face Masks

Collina Strada Face Mask With Bows

The fashionable face masks by Collins Strada are a reflection of their awareness of the climate, social changes, expressing oneself, etc. These are everything that they stand for and curate face masks manufactured from deadstock substances. They also feature pretty designer bows with a pocket to insert a filter.  If you invest in one of their masks, you’d be able to provide five healthcare workers with masks as well. Isn’t that so cool and thoughtful? Get yours right away! 

Milk It Recycled Woven Face Mask

Adjustable straps and reusable cotton are the two important requirements even for the most stylish face masks and Milk It won’t disappoint you in this regard. Whether you want animal prints or galaxy prints, Urban Outfitters is going to cater to your fashion needs when it comes to these well-made masks. Are you ready to rock your simple and basic outfit? The mask is going to do its bit. 

Jennifer Behr Embroidered Scattered Pearl Mask

Stylish Face Masks
Stylish Face Masks

Helping those in need is the best that we can do, being a part of the privileged section of the society and this brand is surely doing what’s needful. When you purchase a gorgeous white mask with pearl embellishments, you’d be helping essential workers to get masks and all other requirements for people who’ve been worst affected due to the covid-19 pandemic. Talking about the mask, it’s a statement piece that’s going to be noticed at once, even if you wear a boring outfit. Get ready to be the talk of the town! 

PACT Face Mask Pack Of Three 

The three face masks offered by PACT are all very beneficial in the sense that they have antimicrobial lining underneath the pure and organic cotton layer of the mask. The outer layer also has a splash-resistant protective technology. The colors available are indeed limited but all three colors are very cool and go with almost all outfits. 


The face masks mentioned above are some of the most stylish face masks when it comes to keeping up with the recent fashion trends. They are perfect for different occasions and can be used again and again without the fear of straps becoming loose or the stitching coming out. 

If you want to sustain the quality of face masks, you’ve got to maintain them properly, wash them after every use, and let them dry before you use them again. Don’t just keep using them without cleaning or sanitizing them. They are not good for your skin. Masks are useful only when they are worn appropriately. Remember, fashion or no fashion, your safety is of utmost importance. 

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