Things To Be Mindful Of After A C-section

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after c-section care
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After c-section care: Crazy, emotional, whirlwind or amazing.. no matter what, the feeling of pregnancy can not be described in words. Yes, we feel you mommy, that is how awaited the arrival of your little one was! We know, you must be giving your A to Z to provide the best for your baby right now, however, irrespective of all the joy and excitement (and of course the busy schedule), there are certain things that require your special attention after a C-section and no, they are not about your baby but you. While pregnancy itself has a lot of after-effects on the female body, a caesarean surgery, although common, isn’t one of your normal minor operations and needs a lot of care to heal well. So mommy, read on to know about 8 postpartum care tips that you definitely need to follow to ensure a healthy healing! 

Take A Break! 

The past 9 months haven’t been very easy for your body and as mentioned earlier, the C-section is quite a surgery too. Just take a break. Of course, the basic necessities of your baby can’t wait and you have to do those but remember to not go too hard on yourself. Do only the necessities and have someone reliable to take care of the rest. Also, a new mommy means a hell lot of responsibilities, including all-nighters, so be sure to maintain a proper sleeping schedule. You can also sleep when the baby sleeps to ensure enough sleep for yourself! 

after c-section care

Be Guilt-Free! 

If you are also among the women who feel guilty of caesarean delivery, do not be so tough on yourself, it is nothing wrong! Gone are the days when normal vaginal delivery was a benchmark for motherhood, you are no less of a mother and do not let anyone make you feel so, not even yourself. You know how much effort you gave in bringing your baby to this world, it’s time you appreciate yourself. Be positive and happy and believe it or not, it will help a great deal in bonding with your baby too! 

Have A Proper Diet

Women usually have a very healthy diet during pregnancy but often tend to forget that a proper diet is required to post the delivery too. The stitches are still delicate and can not afford excess pressures which may be a result of stomach conditions such as constipation. Constipation is very common in new mothers as they are often careless about their diet, resulting in poor stomach conditions. In case of any abdominal discomfort, do not pressurise the stomach in any way and consult your doctor before taking any steps. Also, remember to drink enough water. 

Be Careful! 

It may be tough but you need to keep in mind the fact that the stitches are still not healed fully and little mistakes can make matters turn towards the worst. Avoid laughing too hard or coughing and sneezing when you are seated. It may not be possible to avoid these always but do not take chances and do it whenever possible. 

Tip: Avoid dust or catching a cold as much as possible to prevent coughing or sneezing! 

 c-section after care

Too Soon To Resume That Fitness Schedule

Yeah, getting back to shape is important but so is your health! You might be obsessed with getting back to your previous shape but remember, any sort of extreme physical exercise is a strict NO! Another common mistake is switching to climbing stairs, NEVER do that. Climbing stairs may seem normal but exerts a lot of pressure on the delicate stitches. 

Avoid Lifting Heavy Objects

Lifting heavy objects may exert pressure and cause pain in your stitches and unfortunately, the rule applies towards your baby too. We know how easy it is to forget everything in the charms of your little one but you need to be careful while lifting her up too. Abide by the instructions of your nurse very carefully and ensure that you always remain seated when you hold your baby. Babies often have a habit of kicking and walking with her increases your risks of being hit at the stitches by her kicks. 

No Regular Showers

It may sound gross but that’s what you should do since exposing your fresh wounds to water may cause infections. Avoid taking the shower as much as much as possible and when you have to, cover the stitches with waterproof dressing.

c-section recovery

And.. No Sex For A While

Post-delivery sex can be tempting but well, that’s not something you should resume too soon. Like yes, you can go for oral sex but we wouldn’t actually suggest penetrative since it poses risks of exerting pressure to your stitches. Wait for at least 6-7 weeks and go ahead after consulting your gynaecologist. 

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