Every woman is born with a fire inside that allows her to become a noteworthy person in life. Some require the right push from others to realize this, while some ladies know it in their bones that they are meant to do great things in life. 

Mansi Bagla is one of those strong-willed ladies who knows what she wants to accomplish in life. Born in a business family, she inherited the business-minded genes and has also learned a lot while handling the family businesses herself. Mansi Bagla is a Boss Lady indeed or you can say Beauty with the Brains!

After spending years as a company director for Mini Homes, a Real Estate Investment Advisory firm, contributing to the successful development of the company, she is now starting a new chapter in her life and her career as a producer with the Mini Films, a production house venture. 

It can be said a person is legitimately successful in life when he or she can start and build a dream career. Although Mansi Bagla has been working in the real estate industry, her heart was set on something else – the film industry. So, following her heart, Mansi started Mini Films, where she wishes to do good work, uplifting the film industry.

Not only this, but the recent news is, Mansi Bagla is also directing the remake of South Indian Film Ninnu Kori with the guidance of a renowned filmmaker G. Ashok. Pretty impressive ha!

The Voice of Woman recently had a pleasant conversation with the newly turned film producer Mansi Bagla where she shared her inspirations, her journey as a company director at Mini homes, the changes she wishes to see in the society as a woman, and so on. 

Questions with Mansi Bagla

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What inspirations led you to build your new venture- Mini Films?

My soul inspired me for the film venture. I belong to a business family, and I have tried my hands with a lot of family business. In between all these, I learned that it is very important to be like-minded.

My heart belonged somewhere else, and my soul was somewhere else! With this venture, I’m bringing my heart and soul in one place. 

How has been your journey in the real estate industry as the company Director of Mini Homes?

The real estate business is a very competitive business, with a lot of international brands already existing in India with a heritage of 100 plus years internationally. 

Mansi Bagla
Mansi Bagla

For me, the primary goal was to get Mini Homes the recognition of a Top Real Estate advisor, which is professional and has the local knowledge of the market, as well. With the principal focus being on building a quality team, creating a credible brand was the most challenging part initially. But I am glad over the years, Mini Homes has created its niche in the market, and today we are advisors to Top Celebrities and Business honchos of our country. 

Our advice has helped a lot of people structure profitable asset acquisitions over time, and we continue doing that irrespective of economic fluctuations.

What challenges have you faced as a young entrepreneur? How do you overcome those?

Starting as a young entrepreneur, being able to get a proper support system is the biggest challenge of all times. You have to keep proving to others more than to yourself. In this process, a lot of time and energy goes in vain. And then you’ve got to listen to all. Also, I have accepted the challenge for those who believe in me, to prove them right, and for those who don’t believe in me, to prove them wrong.

What changes are you willing to bring in the Indian film industry with your new venture?

Nobody works to bring in change. Change happens gradually when you are going in the right direction. I will be honest with my people and work. Also, with this venture, I wish to work with newer people in the industry without any apprehensions, finding more gems. I have a knack for spotting talent. 

It is very difficult to find the genuine ones in such an industry, one of the reasons why there’s so much struggle for the real talent to sell! I will work towards it and find out a way. 

As a woman, what immediate changes do you wish to see in our society and globally?

I think women are easily given the tags that we get to hear commonly. We are easily judged and remarked. Women are seen as soft targets. I guess this is something that has to change immediately. 

Mansi Bagla
Mansi Bagla

What does the idea of taking risks in life mean to you? 

If something is still lingering in your mind, it is worth taking the Risk.

What are the must-have qualities in a woman to become a successful entrepreneur? 

Women mostly have a strong gut. They should use this capability more often! Some decisions can be taken from the heart and not necessarily the mind. I use my mind at work and my heart with people. It works for me! 

The pandemic has affected our mental health as well with all the restrictions, precautions, and constant COVID 19 news. How are you dealing with the pandemic circumstances?

The pandemic is like a world war III situation. It has affected all of us together. So, there is a unity in this fight against COVID, which shows that if we stand united, we can deal with any circumstances. I guess 2020 is a show time from God! 

People are hesitant to acknowledge the ideas put forward by women. What advice would you share for women who face such situations? 

In a war of ego, the loser wins, and the winner doesn’t need acknowledgement.

What special message would you like to convey through the Voice Of woman?

The special message is that we all have our turns in life for which we have to wait. Even Gods wait for their turn to be celebrated. Dussehra will come, then Diwali, and then Christmas. All festivals are not celebrated on the same day. 

People who stand by you in every process of life are truly yours. Be faithful, and always be respectful!